CBU Sciences Grads Making a Difference


Kathleen Nelson Goldberg, Leah Allen, and Hozyer Saeed

Leah Allen (former employee and friend of the CBU School of Sciences), recently wrote to several faculty members in our School. With her permission, I share what she wrote:

Hope this finds you all well and about to wind up the semester.  I wanted to brag a bit on some of the SOS Alumni.  I recently had a total knee replacement (one month ago today) and have been going to rehab 3 times weekly since the 4th day after my surgery. Kathleen Nelson Goldberg (CBU Sciences Alum) at Rehab Etc. has been instrumental in my recovery.  I just can’t say enough about this outstanding young woman.  There are other CBU/SOS alumni working there, and they are all awesome.  Kathleen has worked with me patiently, tirelessly, and shown such talent, grace, and love for what she does, I just had to let you all know how proud you should be.  Thank you all for the work and knowledge you have poured into these remarkable young people.  I have personally benefited from your diligent teaching.  I appreciate you and them more than words can express. I think of you all often, and wish you all the happiest of holidays, and a blessed 2019!


St. Agnes Academy Visitors

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, David Tran (Chemistry 2005) brought his students from St. Agnes Academy to visit CBU’s Physician Assistant Clinical Simulation facility. Cheryl Scott, Director of Clinical Simulation, demonstrated several clinical skills and the equipment in our labs. Also assisting with the visit was Dr. Christina Brown Tran, M.D. (Chemistry 2006).

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Alum Presents at National Meeting

SoS_MeganM_smallMegan Mosier (Ecology 2017) presented the results of her senior research at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists that was held July 12-16, 2017 in Austin, Texas.  During her senior year at CBU, Megan studied salamanders from both the Tennessee and Arkansas sides of the Mississippi river. Megan’s research poster described the population variation in two species of Ambystomatid salamanders that were separated by the Mississippi river.

Alumni News 4/16

Page Pirkey, Psychology 2010 & University of Memphis M.S. 2013 – not a Sciences alum but she took a lot of courses in Science – announced her engagement to Marc Deason on January 24, 2016.  Page is currently working on her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Memphis.

Dr. Teri Sheppard, Psychology 2007 – not a Sciences alum but she took a lot of courses in Science – and her husband, Brian Barney, welcome their daughter, Sophie, born Feb 15, 2016.  Teri is an Optometrist at Vision Park Family Eye Care in Urbandale, Iowa.

Lauren D’Surney, Biomedical Science 2013 , has been accepted to law school and will attend the Indiana University Maurer School of Law starting in August, 2016.

Natalie Hart Guley, Biology major who was accepted early to the Ph.D./M.D. program in 2010, is finishing the Ph.D. portion of her M.D./Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  She has taken the first two years of classes, passed part one of boards, had a baby, and is defending her dissertation this month.  She will rejoin the medical class this summer and complete her last two years.

Dr. Michael Herr,  Biology 2010 & UTHSC 2015, and his wife, Ashley, welcomed their baby girl, Hazel Grace, on February 20, 2016.  Also, Michael has accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Russell Higgins, Biomedical Science 2014, has been accepted to Pharmacy school. 

Dr. Brett Prentiss, Natural Science 2007, and his wife, Dana Marie, welcomed their bundle of joy, Beckett Hilton Prentiss, in October 2015.  Brett says they are off to Phoenix, Arizona, in April.

Dr. David McKenzie, Physics 1989 & Ph.D. from U. of Delaware, currently a Research Associate Professor of Physics at Montana State University, has accepted a position with NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Cameron Volpe, Biology 2013, received the Jack Walther Leadership Award at the 2016 Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. Vet students apply for the award and they select one 3rd year student per veterinary school. It’s a scholarship award, plus they paid for all the recipients to go to the conference these past few days (March 6-10 were the conference dates).  Cameron is a third year vet school student at Mississippi State University.

Here is what we know about our alums who are currently 4th year medical school students who “matched” in residency programs.
Mary Jane Dickey, Biomedical Science 2011, will be graduating from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and matched in family medicine in Jackson.
Catherine Gluszek Gooch, Biomedical Science 2012, will be graduating from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and matched at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in pediatric genetics.
Nick Watkins, Biology 2012, will be graduating from University of Mississippi and matched at LeBonheur.

Dr. Chris Sage, Biology 2005, says Hi!  He is now a pharmaceutical consultant  for Med Communications.  He is enjoying his new job and his two children (2 and 4 years old!).  He and his wife, Carrie, still live in Covington, TN.

Alumni News 2/16

Elizabeth Beebe Longo, Natural Science 2011, graduated from University of Memphis Nursing School with her BSN in December.

Samantha Sol Bownes, Biology 2012, and Javier Gutierrez announced their engagement.  Samantha works at the Church Health Center as the Wellness Education Coordinator.

Porsha and Edgar's wedding!

Porsha and Edgar’s wedding!

Porsha Chillis, Biology 2012, and Edgar Kisoka, Natural Science 2013, were married on Nov. 14th at Holy Trinity.  They went on their honeymoon to Zanzibar, Tanzania. Porsha is currently working in Atlanta as a scribe for Physioscibe Inc.

Dr. Rebecca Scott Crow, Biology 2008, and her husband, Vincent, welcomed their son, Hudson Lochlan Crow, in 2015.  Dr. Crow is finishing up a geriatric fellowship in OK.

Rachel Escue, Biology 2010, and Ben Helmes were married in November 2015.  Rachel is currently finishing up her Ph.D. at UTHSC and hopes to finish in the next year.

Sherita Granderson, Biology 2013, graduated from Baptist College of Health Sciences with a Bachelors of Health Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Rebekkah Griffith Robbins, Biology 2005, and her husband, Paul, Computer Science 2003, welcomed Genevieve Aurora Robbins on November 30, 2015.  Just in time for their 10th wedding anniversary!  Rebekkah and her husband live in NYC. Rebekkah studied epidemiology at Columbia University School of Health.  

Patrick Graham, Biology 2013, obtained his M.S. from Texas A & M Corpus Christi in December.  His degree was in in Fisheries and Mariculture. He looked at using different materials for oyster reef restoration.  He has moved back to Ocean Springs, MS, and is currently working at the Gulf Coast Research Lab (University of Southern Mississippi) in the laboratory where he did his undergraduate research.

Jeremy Hunt, Biology 2006, was accepted to American University of Antigua College of Medicine Spring 2016 entering class.

Jessica Jameson, Biology 2013, and Blake Ward, Civil Engineering 2013, announced their engagement.

Kevin Liao, Biochemistry 2014, has been accepted into the fall 2016 entering class of the University of Tennessee School of Pharmacy in Memphis, Tennessee.

Carrie McIvor, Biology 2005, graduated with her doctorate in nursing December 2015.  She is currently working at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Dr. Sana Mujahid, Biology 2007, and her husband, Dr. Asif Khan, welcomed their bundle of joy, Haseeb Muhahid Khan, in 2015.  All are doing fine and Dr. Mujahid is currently doing a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University.

Charlene Patino,  Biology 2015, will start at the University of Memphis Nursing School in 2016.   She is currently a research assistant at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Kevin Pham, Biology 2014, has had his senior research published:

Chawan Rasheed, Biology 2014, has been accepted to the OD program at the Southern College of Optometry.

Gabby Salinas, Biochemistry 2011, was selected as one of the Memphis Flyer’s “20<30″ for 2016, 20 young Memphians who are shaping the city’s future who were featured in the cover story of the January 21 edition. Gabby is currently a graduate student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and works as a research technologist seeking a treatment for malaria at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — where she was successfully treated for the bone cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma and for whom she is also an active fundraiser and advocate.

Dr. Sania Sayani, Biology 2010, finishes her M.D. from St James this month, and is currently finishing up rotations and studying for boards.

Colt Terhune, Biology 2015, has been accepted to medical school at the University of Central Lancashire in Cambridge, England. He will begin this fall, 2016.

Alumni News 11/15

Duy (Danny) Nguyen

Duy (Danny) Nguyen

Duy (Danny) Nguyen, Chemistry 2014, has been accepted into the next class of the Southern College of Optometry here in Memphis, Tennessee.

Dr. Cina Ali, Biology 2001 & UTHSC 2008, and his wife, Dominique Butawan-Ali, welcomed their son, Arie Joseph, on November 3.  Cina is currently a musculoskeletal radiology fellow at Duke University in Durham, NC.

Allyson Frymark Natural Science 2013, married John Archer Engineering Management 2013, on October 3 at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in North Little Rock, AR.  A lot of CBU alumni were in the wedding.

Drs. Gautam , Biology 2001 & MD/PhD UAMS 2009, and Cindy Gandhi, MD/PhD UAMS 2009, welcomed their daughter, Lilian Yuying Gandhi.  She joins her older sister and brother.  They are currently practicing in Little Rock.

Rachael Reese Covington

Rachael Reese Covington

Rachael Reese Covington, Biomedical Sciences 2010, presented a paper entitled “Lack of Standardization in Laboratory Reporting of Variants Outside the Coding Region: a Case Report”
at the National
Society of Genetic Counselors meeting.


Elizabeth Nguyen and her husband, Peter, welcomed Lana AiVan Nguyen born 10-14-15 @5:19.  Liz is currently a dental hygienist at the Church Health Center

Adrienne Renfro, Biology 2012, was married to Justin Ayler October 10, 2015.  She is currently studying to be a nurse practitioner MSN at East Tennessee State University.  She graduated from Belmont University College of Health Sciences and Nursing.

Nicholas and Hannah Shackelford Baer

Nicholas and Hannah Shackelford Baer

Dr. Dora Sellers, Psychology & Natural Science 2007 & UTHSC 2013, and Greg Gaston welcomed their daughter, Lucy Grace, on September 18.  Dr. Sellers has Sellers Dental Studio in Memphis.

Hannah Shackelford, Biology 2007, and Nicholas Baer were married at Teton Trek in the Memphis Zoo on Saturday, November 14th. Both are currently in veterinary school.





Hope Shackelford luka ( bio CBU) and Dr Adam luka participated in Hannah's wedding. Lula was youngest flower girl. But slept through it!

Hope Shackelford luka ( bio CBU) and Dr Adam luka participated in Hannah’s wedding. Lula was youngest flower girl. But slept through it!

Hope Shackelford Luka, Biology 2009, and Dr. Adam Luka, Biology 2009, participated in Hannah’s wedding. Lula was youngest flower girl. But slept through it!

Alumni News 9/15

Dissertation Defenses:

New doctors from the University of Arkansas Medical School: Melody, Coy, and Xiang.

New doctors from the University of Arkansas Medical School: Melody Allensworth-James, Biology 2009; Wallace Coy Lock, Biomedical Science 2010; and Xiang Lin, Biology 2010.

Dr. Melody Allensworth-James, Biology 2009, successfully defended her dissertation and graduated from the University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock, Ark.  The title of her dissertation was: “The Role of Leptin Receptors in Somatotrope Function: A Look at Metabolic and Developmental Functions and Possible Mechanisms of Action”.  She is the fourth CBU grad to get a Ph.D. from UAMS!!

Dr. Kyle Summers, Biology 2008, successfully defended his dissertation: Title: “Effects of Cocaine Sensitization on Drug Self-Administration, Mesocorticolimbic SAPAP Levels, and Prefrontal Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors”  Mentor: Dr. Jeffery Steketee, on May 4, 2015.


Dr. Brooke Allen at her Pharm.D. graduation

Dr. Brooke Allen at her Pharm.D. graduation

Dr. Brooke Allen, Biomedical Sciences 2010, Dr. Scott Berry, Biology 2009,  Dr. Svetlana Lapova, Biology 2010, and Dr. Stephanie Parker, Biology 2009, graduated with a  Pharm. D. from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center this spring.

Samantha Bownes, Biology 2012, graduated with a Masters in Public Health from the University of Memphis in May.

Captain Bobby Lawrence with his new wife.

Captain Bobby Lawrence with his new wife.

Dr. Bobby Lawrence, Biology 2007, and his wife Dr. Jessica graduated from D.O. school this spring. From: Dr. Cayce Lawrence, Associate Professor in the School of  Business and Bobby’s father:  ”Bobby was promoted to Captain in the army on Friday and graduated Saturday. He graduated in the top 20 of the class of ~140 people. He will be doing his residency at Eisenhower in Augusta Georgia. At this point it is a general residency. Finally he is getting married Saturday. His bride, Jessie Barton of Nashville, also received her D.O. on Saturday. Bobby gives a great deal of credit for his success to CBU and especially to the faculty of the School of Sciences. I want to thank you and all of them for the role you played in molding the man he is today.”

Dr. Carrie Le receiving her diploma.

Dr. Carrie Le receiving her diploma.

Dr. Carrie Le, Biology 2011, graduated from the Southern College of Optometry this spring.

Dr. Ting Wong, Biology 2010, graduated with a Pharm. D. from Nova University.

Dr. Jessica Wooster, Natural Science 2011, graduated from Pharmacy school this spring.   “I graduated from CBU in May 2011 with a B.S. in Natural Science & a Chemistry minor. Then started at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy here in Memphis.”


Dr. Fitzgerald with CBU alums at the White Coat ceremony at UTHSC this fall.

Dr. Fitzgerald with CBU alums at the White Coat ceremony at UTHSC this fall.

Stephanie Allen Winters, Biology 2014, has been accepted into the M.S. of Pharmacology program at UTHSC.

Darianne Butler, Natural Science 2015, has been accepted to the University of Tennessee Doctorate in Physical Therapy program.

Shannon Brooke Joyce, Biology 2015, has been accepted into the Accelerated Nursing program at the University of Memphis.

Colleen Valdez, Biology 2013, and Jessica Schneider, Biomedical Sciences 2014, have been accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Physicians’ Assistant program.


Christian Bahniuk, Biology 2014, and Andrew Sillyman were married September 12th.

Marriage of Cameron Volpe and Jonathan Fili

Marriage of Cameron Volpe, Biology 2013, and Jonathan Fili, Physics 2013.


Drs. Gautam, Biology 2001, and Cindi Gandhi welcomes their third child a girl, Lilian Yuying, born on July 19th.

Dr. Dory Sellers, Natural Science 2007, and her husband, Greg Gaston, had a Baby girl, Lucy Grace, on September 10th at 12:07 am.

Dr. Binoy Shah, Chemistry 2010, Pharm.D., MBA, is an Assistant Professor at UTHSC beginning in March 2015.  This is the second of our students hired as faculty at UTHSC Pharmacy school.   Dr. Oscar Herrera, Chemistry 2006, was the first.

Maria Shiue, Natural Science 2008 & MHIRT 2007, is in her second year in Pharmacy school at the University of Minnesota.  She had been teaching freshmen Physical Science and Ecology at St. Benedicts High School here in Memphis.

Dr. Felix Vasquez-Choan with Dr. Fitzgerald

Dr. Felix Vasquez-Choan with Dr. Fitzgerald

Dr. Felix Vasquez-Chona, Biology 1998, stopped by for a visit with Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology.  Felix graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2006 and is now a Post Doctoral Fellow in Ophthalmology Research at the University of Utah.

Nichole Walker, Biology 2000, Pharm.D. and her husband, Jason, just adopted a little boy, Everett Samuel, through Faithful Adoption Consultants.  He joined their two other children this September.

From Dr. Stephen Wetick, Natural Science 2010:  ”I live in East Memphis and am still at Southern Eye Associates.  I have two daughters, Claire (6yrs) and Sophie (3yrs). They are wonderful girls and I am a proud daddy. My wife, Emilie, and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this June — I know, not a major milestone, but still hard to believe!   I think about my days at CBU all the time. Can’t thank you enough for all the positive influences. Hope to continue to stay in touch.   Stephen”

Alumni News 4/15

Dr. Paula Cerrito Adams, Biology 2006 and UTHSC Pham. D., and her husband, John Paul, had a baby girl, Abigail Katherine Adams, on March 5th. Paula is currently a pharmacist at target.  Everyone doing fine.

Joe Alfonso, Biology 2012, is graduating with his M.S. in Entomology in May from North Dakota State University.

Catherine Gluzak Gooch presenting her poster.

Catherine Gluzak Gooch presenting her poster.

Catherine Gluzak Gooch, Biochemistry 2013, presented a poster at the annual TN Medical Association meeting in Nashville entitled  The Confounding Conundrum: Caroli or Cannabis?

Dr. Adam Luka, MHIRT 2008, Biology 2009, and LSU Medical School 2013, and Hope Shackelford, MHIRT 2008, Biology 2010, and U of Memphis 2012, just had their baby girl, Lula Hazel, born March 26, 2015; all are doing well.  They are currently living in Augusta, GA, where Adam is doing his internal medicine residency.

Dr. Jessica Morgan with her fiancee.

Dr. Jessica Morgan with her fiancee.

Dr. Jessica Morgan, biology 2001, announced her engagement to Bill Turner. Wedding is TBA. Jessica is currently a staff member at St. Jude and Bill works at SWCC.

Dr. Nick Newsom, Biology 2004, UTHSC 2008, and his wife, Allison, welcomed a new baby, Gwendolyn, on April 6th.  This is their third little girl!  They currently live in Indianapolis where Nick is a hospitalist at Indiana University Health Physicians.

Hannah Shackelford, Biology 2007 and M.S. from U. of Memphis 2012, announced her engagement to Nicholas Baer.  Hannah participated in the MHIRT program in 2006 and is currently in Veterinary School at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS ,class of 2016.

Alecia Stewart, Biochemistry 2013, has been accepted into the Masters of Biomedical Sciences program at Liberty University for the Fall of 2015, and will start Osteopathic Medical School there the following fall of 2016.

Nikki Story, Natural Science 2014, has been accepted to the Master’s Program in Occupational Therapy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.  She will be starting in January, 2016.

Adrianne Wilkerson Vitale, Biology 2005, and her husband, Sam, Engineering 2005, welcomed their third daughter, Guiliana Rose Vitale, on March 14, 2015!  Everyone is doing fine.  Adrianne is a nurse at St John’s hospital in St Louis.   She also did MHIRT in 2004 with Dr. Claudio Toledo.

Kim Williams Guy, Biology 2008, and her husband, Andre, had their second child, a girl, Kadence Malia Guy, born 2-15-15.  Kim is currently working at St Jude. All are doing well.


Alumni News 2/15

Scott Berry presenting at the ASHP meeting.

Scott Berry presenting at the ASHP meeting.

Scott Berry, Biology 2009, Stephanie Parker, Biology 2009, and Ting Wong, Biology 2010, attended the national meeting for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacist in Anaheim, CA on Dec 7-11.  Scott presented a paper at the meeting entitled  ”Dose Response Effect of Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) Therapy Upon  25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Concentration During Critical Illness”   Scott C. Berry, Melinda C. Stanton, Joseph M. Swanson, Rex O. Brown, Roland N. Dickerson Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Regional One Health, Memphis, TN.

Dr. Tiffany Baldi Rabe, Biology 2002 and UTHSC 2007, conducted a radiology residency in Dallas and then an abdominal imaging fellowship completed in 2013.  Her husband works for Raymond James in equity research.  Tiffany and her husband, Derek Rabe, just had their second child, Ms Caroline, who arrived Feb 3.  Everyone is doing fine and Big sis, Juilette, is happy to have a new sister.  They currently live in Dallas TX.

Dani Frazier, Biology 2013, has been accepted and started a bridge program at Hampton University in Hampton, VA.  It accepts 20 students/year and she will have a M.S. in Medical Science when she completes the program.

Drs. Alan Fredericks, Biology 2009, and Ying Wong, Biology 2009, graduated from Life University Chiropractic School in Atlanta.

John Archer and Allison Frymark

John Archer and Allison Frymark

Allison Frymark , Natural Science 2013, graduated from ULAR Nursing School in December 2014.  She has passed her NCLEX exam to be a Registered Nurse (RN).   Also, Allyson and John Archer, Engineering Management 2013, announced their engagement on December 31, 2014, with the wedding to be in October, 2015.

Jennifer Longo Allen, MHIRT 2004 & Biology 2005, JD 2008, and her husband, Lee, CBU Enigneering 2005, daughter in law and son of Leah Allen, former Administrative assistant to the School of Sciences, just welcomes their second boy, Eric James Allen, on Feb 13 (Friday the 13th by 14 min).  Everyone is doing fine.  They are currently in Huntsville, AL, where Lee is a Materials Engineer at the Marshal Space Center.  Jennifer works at the Waldrop and Associates PC law office and is currently on FMLA. 

Dr. Carter Nazor, Biology 2008, M.D. Medical College of Georgia, 2013, is a Neurology Resident (3rd year) at UTHSC.  She has announced her engagement to Dr. Evan Paul, an Internal Medicine Resident at UTHSC.

Dr. Manny Patel, Biology 2005 and MHIRT program, finished his residency in international radiology at UAB and has joined a private practice group in Nashville Premier Radiology .  He said even during his interview for a “real job” he was asked about MHIRT and his time in Brasil and Uganda!  He looks forward to being closer to Memphis.  (Manny is our featured alum this month!)

Alicia Scarborough, Biology 2009, announced her engagement to Clayton Ciarloni.  Alicia is currently an RN at BMH and is in school to get her DNP at UTHSC.

Cameron Volpe , Biology 2013, announced her engagement to Jonathan Fili, Physics 2013.   Wedding to be in June, 2015

Ashley Wise Jett, Biology 2004 and Pharm. D. 2008, and husband, Bryan Paul, and big sister, Bryley Jett, announce the birth of Presley Rose Jett who was born on 12/13/14 at 5:19 pm weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 19 in. long.  They are currently living in Arlington and Ashley is currently a pharmacist at Walmart, and Bryan is a clinical pharmacist at the VA in Jackson, TN.

Emily Wong , Biology 2009 and MPH from Emory in 2012, is working as a data coordinator at Methodist Transplant Institute in Memphis, TN.

Ting Wong with her poster.

Ting Wong with her poster.

Ting Wong, Biology 2009,  was a co author on a journal article from her time working at UTCHS:  Y. P.Deng, T. Wong, J.Y. Wang, and A. Reiner.  Differential loss of thalamostriatal and corticostriatal input to striatal projection neuron types prior to overt motor symptoms in the Q140 knock-in mouse model of Huntington’s disease. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 10/2014; 8:198. DOI: 10.3389/fnsys.2014.00198.

Alumni News 11/14

Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

Kristen Davis, Biology 2014, presented the poster from her senior thesis last week at the annual meeting of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in San Diego.  The title was:  ”Contrast Sensitivity Testing in Normal Vision: Performance with Letter vs. Continuous Text” by Kristen Davis, BS; Marc B. Taub, OD, MS, FAAO, FCOVD.  Kristen is a student at the Southern College of Optometry.

Amanda Fitzgerald with her poster

Amanda Fitzgerald with her poster

Amanda Fitzgerald, Biology 2011, presented her thesis at the Society for Toxicology meeting in Austin, Texas, this month.  She defends her M.S. thesis on Dec 10th.

Dr. Hilaire Playa

Dr. Hilaire Playa




Dr. Hilaire Playa, Chemistry 2001, successfully defended her Ph.D. in November.  Dr. Lyle Wescott, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at CBU, attended.  Her Ph.D. is in Pharmaceutical Sciences from UTHSC and her thesis title is:  ”Computer Aided Drug Design and Discovery, Screening and Synthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Nucleoside Transporters”.  She also recently announced her engagement to Chase Barch.

Dr. Christina Martinez Roman

Dr. Christina Martinez Roman



Christina Martinez Roman, DDS. , Biology 2004 & MHIRT 2002, 2003, passed her oral exam for endodontics in St Louis.