CBU PA students, faculty, and staff visit Catholic Medical Association (CMA) of Memphis

PA Program at CMAThe CMA meeting was held at Ave Maria Home on February 26, 2019. The program began with Mass at 6pm followed by an information program on the Green House Concept by Frank Gattuso, a brief lecture on “Rehabilitative Medicine,” by Robert Green, M.D., and a tour of the Green House Project at Ave Maria.

Dr. Gary Tooley, Lucille Starks, Cheryl Scott and La’Tosha Brown attended. The following CBU PA students attended: Shruti Anthony, John McDonald, Kristen Thelan  and Sarah V Vela-Jasso.

If you are interested in learning more about the CMA please visit their website. http://www.cathmed.org/membership/.

Additional Information on the Greenhouse Project:


The Greenhouse project was adapted in 2011for the purpose of “intentionally designing homes that enables those living and working in the home to experience privacy, dignity, intimacy in  a real home. By transforming the traditional nursing home in these three major ways, people who need high levels of clinical care can have their needs met without that being the focus of their existence.”