CBU Sciences Grads Making a Difference


Kathleen Nelson Goldberg, Leah Allen, and Hozyer Saeed

Leah Allen (former employee and friend of the CBU School of Sciences), recently wrote to several faculty members in our School. With her permission, I share what she wrote:

Hope this finds you all well and about to wind up the semester.  I wanted to brag a bit on some of the SOS Alumni.  I recently had a total knee replacement (one month ago today) and have been going to rehab 3 times weekly since the 4th day after my surgery. Kathleen Nelson Goldberg (CBU Sciences Alum) at Rehab Etc. has been instrumental in my recovery.  I just can’t say enough about this outstanding young woman.  There are other CBU/SOS alumni working there, and they are all awesome.  Kathleen has worked with me patiently, tirelessly, and shown such talent, grace, and love for what she does, I just had to let you all know how proud you should be.  Thank you all for the work and knowledge you have poured into these remarkable young people.  I have personally benefited from your diligent teaching.  I appreciate you and them more than words can express. I think of you all often, and wish you all the happiest of holidays, and a blessed 2019!