CBU PA students, faculty, and staff visit Catholic Medical Association (CMA) of Memphis

PA Program at CMAThe CMA meeting was held at Ave Maria Home on February 26, 2019. The program began with Mass at 6pm followed by an information program on the Green House Concept by Frank Gattuso, a brief lecture on “Rehabilitative Medicine,” by Robert Green, M.D., and a tour of the Green House Project at Ave Maria.

Dr. Gary Tooley, Lucille Starks, Cheryl Scott and La’Tosha Brown attended. The following CBU PA students attended: Shruti Anthony, John McDonald, Kristen Thelan  and Sarah V Vela-Jasso.

If you are interested in learning more about the CMA please visit their website. http://www.cathmed.org/membership/.

Additional Information on the Greenhouse Project:


The Greenhouse project was adapted in 2011for the purpose of “intentionally designing homes that enables those living and working in the home to experience privacy, dignity, intimacy in  a real home. By transforming the traditional nursing home in these three major ways, people who need high levels of clinical care can have their needs met without that being the focus of their existence.”

Dean McGuffee Presents at SIGCSE Technical Symposium

ACM is the professional society for computing professionals. ACM accomplishes its work through Special Interest Groups (known as SIGs). One of the largest ACM SIGs is SIGCSE, the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education.

On February 27 – March 2, 2019, SIGCSE held the 50th annual Technical Symposium. The SIGCSE Technical Symposium is the largest computing education conference worldwide. It attracts over 1,500 researchers, educators, and others interested in improving computing education in K-12 and higher education.

Workshop Presenters

Workshop Presenters

Along with faculty collaborators David Largent from Ball State and Dr. Christian Roberson from Florida Southern College, Dr. James McGuffee (Dean of the CBU School of Sciences) presented a three hour workshop entitled: “Transform Your Computer Science Course with Specifications Grading.”


As proposed by Linda B. Nilson in Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time, specifications grading is an assessment construct that relies on pass/fail grading of assignments and assessments, the structuring of course content into modules linked to learning outcomes, and the bundling of assignments and assessments within those modules. One of the intentions of this type of course grading construct is to more closely align assessment with student attainment of intended learning outcomes. While there has been very visible work in incorporating specifications grading in some academic areas (e.g. in mathematics), examples of the use of specifications grading in computer science courses are less common. The goal of this workshop is to introduce the concepts of specifications grading, explain how to apply these concepts to a wide range of computing courses, and have the participants apply these concepts to one of their current or upcoming computer science courses. Each participant should leave the workshop with at least one revised course syllabus or assignment that incorporates specifications grading.

Authors: Daniel Coore, Eric Wiebe, and Paul Denny

Authors: Daniel Coore, Eric Wiebe, and Paul Denny

In addition to leading the Wednesday night workshop, Dean McGuffee also chaired a professional papers session on Thursday afternoon. The theme of the paper session was assessment. The topics of the papers ranged from automated programming graders, a computational thinking abilities assessment for middle grade students, and an examination on the fairness of multiple-variant multiple-choice examinations.

For additional information, please visit https://sigcse2019.sigcse.org/


John Davis visits PA Program

PA DavisJohn Davis, who was in the 4th graduating PA class from Duke University, came to speak to the PA Class of 2021 today. Mr. Davis has been instrumental in the development of the PA profession with his involvement in multiple PA organizations and promotion of the PA profession at both state and national levels. The CBU PA Program students were delighted to have had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Davis.

Biochemistry Student Presents at Research Conference


This past weekend (February 8-9, 2019), CBU student Erfon Pourhashemi (Biochemistry 2019), participated in the 51st Southeastern Undergraduate Research Conference that was held on the campus of The University of Tennessee Martin.

He presented his research, “Efficiency of Anti-HTT DNAzyme treatment for Huntington’s Disease”, to more than 50 student and faculty members that were in attendance.

La’Tosha Brown, Clinical Site Development Manager

Tosha Brown

Since October of 2018, La’Tosha Brown has served as the CBU Clinical Site Development Manager for the PA Program. When you see her on campus, please know that she prefers to be called “Tosha”.

Tosha has almost ten years of higher education experience and has worked in various aspects of PA Education for the last four and a half years. Tosha has a strong passion for developing preceptors and clinical sites – a skill that is very important as CBU and the School of Sciences seek to increase the number of clinical experiences across the School.

One of the things that is important for all of us at CBU is to raise awareness about the Physician Assistant profession throughout the Mid-South and to attract quality preceptors for our CBU students.Tosha Brown will be working to recruit, sustain and bring awareness of the PA Program clinical needs. If you would like for Tosha to speak to your class or at an event to discuss PA education or preceptors please contact her directly with the information below.

 email: lbrown9@cbu.edu
phone: 901-321-3272

Note: The picture shown is of Tosha at PAEA Conference in October during a group assignment focused on assigning objectives and learning outcomes to the revised ARC-PA accreditation standards released.


PA Class of 2021

Class of 2021 - Jan 8 2019

Please join the School of Sciences and the Physician Assistant (PA) Studies Program in welcoming our newest cohort of students. These students in the class of 2021 began their studies at CBU on January 7, 2019.

We are excited about the increase in students to 32. We had a record number of applicants during the 2018 application season. The next application season will open at the end of April. We introduce to you…after months and months of reviewing and interviewing, the Class of 2021.

Dr. Merat is Honored by State Association

lil_DennisWe are pleased to announce that Dr. Dennis L. Merat, CBU Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry, was recently honored by the Tennessee Science Teachers Association (TSTA) as a 2018 nominee and finalist for the Higher Education Science Educator of the Year Award. Dennis was honored with his nomination for his achievements and dedication to science education. Only 16 teachers across four different categories were nominated as finalists by TSTA in 2018. Awards were made based on educational philosophy, experience, and leadership roles.

From the TSTA News Release:

Dr. Dennis L. Merat is a great example of the fantastic teachers we have in Tennessee and the dedication and care they exhibit in the profession.

Congratulations, Dennis!

For more information about TSTA, visit http://tsta.wildapricot.org