Fall 2013 Packaging News

2013 CBU HPC FALL MEETING: The CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium hosted its 2013 HPC Fall Meeting on campus on November 1 with 37 participants from CBU, Wright Medical, Lansmont, International Paper, Merck, New-Tech Packaging, FedEx, and Nuvasive. Presenters were Bryan Williams (Lansmont), Larry Rutledge (CBU Certified Packaging Lab), Dr. Chad Baker (Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging). Lansmont Corporation of Monterey, CA sponsored the event. The meeting proceedings can be found online at this link.

PACKAGING LAB RE-CERTIFIED:The International Safe Transit Association has recently re-certified the CBU Packaging Lab until October 2015 for the following test protocols: 1A, 1C, 1G, 2A, 3A, 3F, and 6-FEDEX-A. The CBU lab has been certified since October 2009. Recertification of a commercial lab is required every two years to ensure the equipment is well maintained and tests are conducted by qualified personnel. CBU’s lab, under the leadership of Mr. Larry Rutledge, who was FedEx Packaging Lab Manager for 18 years until his retirement, has been growing. Recently, the lab has acquired a vibration test system with a 800-lb. payload capacity from the Michigan State lab and it is expected to be operational in early November. In addition, the CBU lab will also get an incline impact tester from FedEx in mid-November. These two new pieces of equipment will allow the CBU lab to be certified for more ISTA test protocols, which will make it a more comprehensive commercial lab. For a lab tour, please contact Dr. Pong Malasri, Packaging Department Chair, at pong@cbu.edu.

PACKAGING CONSORTIUM JOURNAL: Cloud Publications (Noida, NCR Delhi, India) and the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium formally announced a collaboration in designating the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology (IJAPT) as the official journal of the consortium on October17. IJAPT is part of the Cloud Journals family which is under the parent company, Cloud Publications.

HEALTHCARE PACKAGING CONSORTIUM WORK PUBLISHED: Four articles based on research work at the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium were recently published  in the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology:

  • Peel Test Comparison” by Kalli Powers (Mechanical Engineering ’12 and Packaging Engineering Certificate), Matthew Warren (Mechanical Engineering ’12 and Packaging Engineering Certificate), and Dr. Ray Brown (Mechanical Engineering), pp. 11-14.
  • Effect of Wet-Dry Cycles on Compressive Strength and Impact Properties of New Softwood Pallets” by Dr. Siripong Malasri (Packaging), Mallory Harvey (Civil Engineering & Packaging Minor ’14), Robert Moats (Engineering), Dr. James Aflaki (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Ali Pourhashemi (Chemical Engineering), Griselda Matos Martinez (Engineering Management & Packaging Minor ’16), and Patrick Held (Engineering Management Packaging Concentration ’15), pp. 15-21.
  • Recycled Cardboard Comparison” by Kalli Powers (Mechanical Engineering ’12), Matthew Warren (Mechanical Engineering ’12), and Dr. Ray Brown (Mechanical Engineering)
  • “Effect of Temperature on Static and Impact Properties of New Softwood Pallets” by Dr. Siripong Malasri (Packaging), Dr. Ali Pourhashemi (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering), Dr. Ray Brown (Mechanical Engineering), Mallory Harvey (Civil Engineering ’14), Robert Moats (Engineering Technician), Katie Godwin (Civil Engineering ’12), Phyo Aung (Civil Engineering ’14), and James Laney (Civil Engineering ’14)

FACULTY APPOINTED EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF PACKAGING JOURNAL: Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging) has been appointed by Cloud Publications to serve as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Advanced Packaging Technology. His immediate task is to form an international editorial board for the journal, which includes Dr. Asit Ray (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering). In addition, Mallory Harvey (Civil Engineering/Packaging Minor ’13) serves as technical assistant due to her involvement with various Healthcare Packaging Consortium research projects.  Volume 1 (2013) of the journal, to conclude in December 2013, will feature various packaging research projects performed at the CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium since its establishment in 2010.

CERTIFIED PACKAGING LAB TECHNOLOGIST: Dr. Pong Malasri (Civil Engineering & Packaging) has recently been certified by the International Safe Transit Association (www.ista.org) as a Certified Packaging Lab Technologist by passing a two-hour exam.  This is the second of the three levels under ISTA Certified Packaging Lab Professionals (CPLP) Program.  He was certified by ISTA as a Certified Packaging Lab Technician in May 2013.  Currently, there are 211 ISTA certified technicians (level 1), 131 technologists (level 2), and 19 professionals (level 3) worldwide. The CBU Packaging Test Lab has been certified as a commercial lab by ISTA since October 2009. The lab has served various customers, including Merck Consumer Care and Olympus Surgical Technologies America.  Larry Rutledge, retired FedEx Packaging Lab Manager, serves as the manager of CBU Certified Packaging Test Lab.

STUDY ABROAD PACKAGING: In Spring 2014, Dr. Malasri plans to offer two study-aboard courses: PKG 496 (1 cr.) Pre-shipment Tests and PKG 498 (3 crs.) Transport Packaging.  Students in these two classes will go to Universidad De La Salle in Leon, Mexico, during Spring Break.  The lectures in Leon will prepare CBU students and De La Salle faculty/staff/students for the CPLP Technician examination. ISTA allows students to take the technician level test.

WELCOME TO THE CBU HPC: The CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium welcomes its latest member company, New-Tech Packaging. New-Tech, a Memphis base packaging company, is ISO 9001 certified.  It provides contract and custom packaging services and packaging supplies to its customers.  Its facility includes 300,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and manufacturing space as well as temperature controlled storage.  New-Tech is registered with the FDA and DEA.  Mike Mathias, VP of Business Development, is the New-Tech representative in the consortium.