In Memoriam: Samuel Taylor Rike

Samuel Taylor Rike, four-month-old son of Amanda Rike (College of Adult Professional Studies), passed away on Monday, November 20. Funeral services for Sam were held Monday, November 27 at 2:00 p.m. at Peebles Main Funeral Chapel (18020 Hwy. 64, Somerville). Sam is also survived by his grandparents, Debbie and Joseph Rike.

Please keep Amanda and her family in your thoughts ands prayers. Condolences may be sent to Campus Box T-5 or left online at this link. In lieu of flowers, Amanda has requested donations to be made to the American SIDS Institute.



As you know, all CAPS students must take at least CALG 108 Introductory Algebra II and CALG 118 Introductory Algebra III respectively before going into CMAT 104 Introductory Applied Math. However, for those that want to work on studying to test out of one or more of the algebra classes to go straight into Math, there is a new study system titled ALEKS Placement  that will build an online study course for you to practice on so that you can attempt one or both tests to get out of Algebra.

The system carries a $25 fee but is accessible via Banner Web. Below are the instructions for accessing ALEKS:

ALEKS Instructions


  • Enter Banner Web Log in Information
  • Select “Click Here for ALEKS…”
  • Choose “CBU Math Placement CAPS 2018-2019
  • Complete the “Tools Tutorial
  •  Select “Continue” at the end
  • Complete the Survey
  • Select “MATH 105 Finite Math” as the math that you want to get into


  • Complete Unproctored Assessment.

Once you complete the unproctored assessment, use the link above to log into ALEKS daily to access your study course. When you are ready to take an official exam, make an appointment with the CAPS office to take a proctored exam.

Important Information


Free Tutoring for Research

  • Just drop by the library and request assistance from the librarians on research.

Free Tutoring for Algebra or Math

  • Hannah Schultz at

The CBU Math Center is now offering free private tutoring for all students. You can sign up online at the link below and you will create an account at that time so that you can schedule any future appointments. Once you access the link below, click “BOOK NOW” to schedule your appointment.

Free Tutoring for Writing

  • Evelyn McDonald at

Free Tutoring for Accounting and Statistics

  • Vivian Irby at (Accounting and Statistics)
  • Rose McCall at (Accounting)

Free Tutoring for Spanish

Payment Plans

logo_medium_ca1d4447-44e6-4924-82f3-86a3d027f22a_600xDid you know that CBU offered payment plans to help you pay for your tuition?

CBU offers two installment payment plans.  The 5-month payment plan has an enrollment deadline of July 15th and runs through November.  The 4-month payment plan has an enrollment deadline of August 15th and runs through November.

There is a $40 service fee per semester to participate in a payment plan. The first installment of the payment plan is due at the time of enrollment.  Subsequent installments are due on the 1st of each month. The student must enroll in a payment plan even if someone else will be making the monthly payments on their behalf. You must have registered for classes before enrolling in a payment plan, and you must not have an outstanding balance from a previous term.

For more information on CBU’s payment plans, please contact the Business Office at (901) 321-3380.



CAPS is getting a blog, and you are invited to participate!

CAPS is now accepting submissions for contribution to our newly formed blog. All CAPS students are eligible, and we want to hear what  you as CAPS students have to say about student life at CBU!

Not only are blog contributions good ways to talk about your experiences, but it could also be a great way to build your resume as well as your list of skillsets.

If you are interested in contributing to the CAPS blog, please submit to and contact Erica at or our office at