STLA Support Resources

STLABy now, the vast majority of CAPS students have had the opportunity to be introduced to and/or work with CAPS’ Learning Management System (LMS) STLA. However, some students may not know that by being a CAPS student and using STLA¬†they have access to additional support and resources through STLA’s provider Schoology.

To access the additional help and resources, just navigate to the bottom of any page of STLA, click the SUPPORTbutton before clicking HELP CENTER under where it reads Schoology Support Center.

By accessing this and choosing the STUDENT option, CAPS students will have numerous resources, guides, and tips to help answer any basic questions about how to access and use STLA.

Any other questions, concerns, or issues that cannot be solved using this resource can be directed to the CAPSoffice at or (901) 321-3291.