As you know, all CAPS students must take at least CALG 108 Introductory Algebra II and CALG 118 Introductory Algebra III respectively before going into CMAT 104 Introductory Applied Math. However, for those that want to work on studying to test out of one or more of the algebra classes to go straight into Math, there is a new study system titled ALEKS Placement  that will build an online study course for you to practice on so that you can attempt one or both tests to get out of Algebra.

The system carries a $25 fee but is accessible via Banner Web. Below are the instructions for accessing ALEKS:

ALEKS Instructions


  • Enter Banner Web Log in Information
  • Select “Click Here for ALEKS…”
  • Choose “CBU Math Placement CAPS 2018-2019
  • Complete the “Tools Tutorial
  •  Select “Continue” at the end
  • Complete the Survey
  • Select “MATH 105 Finite Math” as the math that you want to get into


  • Complete Unproctored Assessment.

Once you complete the unproctored assessment, use the link above to log into ALEKS daily to access your study course. When you are ready to take an official exam, make an appointment with the CAPS office to take a proctored exam.