Thank You from ISS

International Student Services
(ISS) would like to give a big, huge thank you to all of those who attended last week’s Chat N Chew! We had a great turnout!

Though there were not many international students present, CBU students, faculty, and staff enjoyed hearing stories of “coming to America” from CBU faculty/staff: Frank Buscher, Divya Choudhary, Federico Gomez-Uroz, Siripong Malasri, and Asit Ray.

The stories shared were about first hot dogs, pay toilets, dog walking in white-out blizzards, love letters (pre-Internet), learning how to deal with the police, and the shock of getting used to a lack of pedestrian foot traffic. We also heard from Mustafa Hmood, an international student from Iraq and the standing president of CBU’s Muslim Student Association, about moving from Iraq to Syria to the United States — and the cultural adjustments required.

Thanks to all of you for your stories and the beautiful diversity you bring to CBU’s campus! Aside from the “international” stories, everyone present was able to share a little bit about where they’re from and their role at CBU. We chewed. Then we chatted. And then we chewed some more! Speaking of which, ISS also gives a very, very special thank you to Dr. Jack Hargett, Dean of the School of Business, for donating an amazing spread of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. And thank you, Ms. Sadie, for bringing the wonderful cream cake!