Castings Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the annual Castings Competition, which are judged in four categories: fine art, digital art, poetry and prose. The winners’ submissions, along with other fine creative work from talented CBU students, will be published in the 2015 edition of the Castings journal, tentatively scheduled to be available the week before final exams. AND THE WINNERS ARE:

Prose Category
First Place: Natalie Zaldivar for “Up in Smoke”
Second Place: Tiffany Corkran for “Parallels Between Muggle Science and Magic”
Third Place: Qiao Lin for “Megalomaniac”

Poetry Category
First Place: Jessica Love for “Sandy Hook Yard Sale”
Second Place: Ruthie Hall for “When It Tangles”
Third Place: Janara Harris for “Departed”

Digital Art Category
First Place: Sreenath Shanker for Desolation
Second Place: Servando Mireles for Stranger
Third Place: Cheyenne Hammonds for Green

Fine Art Category
First Place: Morgan Granoski for Skirt
Second Place: Anna Liley for Portrait of a Man
Third Place: Alexis Gillis for Rambunctious