Peer Mentor Program

Are you interested in taking charge of your education? Do you want an accountability partner? Would you like additional support in regards to academics, the CBU community and campus, or networking opportunities? Do you want to build strong relationships with your peers? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Peer Mentor Program is for you!

The Peer Mentor Program was designed as an additional resource for students who want to build a strong relationship with their peers while learning new skills and gaining experience that will lead to success academically and socially. Each mentee is matched with a mentor and a group of 2-5 other mentees. Students will meet as a group and as well as individually throughout the spring semester as your schedule permits. Your mentor will guide you through unique challenges that you face and be a resource for any questions or concerns you have. This program will help strengthen the academic skills you have while giving you tips and tricks to make you more successful in all aspects of college life.

We are currently accepting applications for students interested in taking charge of their education and having a peer mentor this semester. You can submit your application or any questions to Shelby Roberts in Academic Services, Barry Hall 33.