A Valentine for Ms. Sadie

Honors Program students Payton Powers and Rachel Depperschmidt ask Ms. Sadie to be their Valentine. From February to April, students in the the CBU Honors Program participate in the program’s Deliberate Acts of Kindness (DAK) project. A different student each day performs a Deliberate Act of Kindness for another person (or persons) at CBU or in the community. Since Payton Powers‘ and Rachel Depperschmidt‘s DAKs were on corresponding days just before Valentine’s, they decided to work together to ask Ms. Sadie Lisenby, CBU’s beloved Director of Counseling, to be their Valentine. To do so, they made posters, bought flowers and candy, and recruited other members of the Honors Program to help them by participating in a flash mob dance. After all this, Payton and Rachel were so happy when Ms. Sadie said YES! Thank you, Ms. Sadie, for all you do for ALL our CBU students, faculty, and staff.

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