Renovated Maurelian Lounge Reopens

The Maurelian Hall Lounge is now open after a new renovation.
With walls painted in school colors, matching carpet and floors, the lounge is a modern hang-out and study haven for students. Plush leather couches, a bar-styled area, a plug-in area for laptops, tablets and cell phones are just a few of the upgrades to the lounge. There is also a moveable study carrel area that is perfectly customizable for individual or group study sessions. There is also a mounted 60-inch television in the lounge that will be great for group TV watching, gaming systems, and more!

To celebrate the opening of the renovation, Student Life is hosting a college football playoff watch party in the lounge on Monday, January 12 at 7:00 p.m. There will be FREE food and a great opportunity to check out the new space and mingle.