Lasallian Collegians: January’s Core Principle

The core principle for January is Faith in the Presence of God. Sometimes, especially when things are getting tough, it can be difficult to have faith that everything will be okay. We talked to a few people on campus and asked them how they keep their faith and what this principle means to them.

One student said that “Faith in the Presence of God means unconditional love and [that] God is the top priority in my life.”

Another student said that this principle is a helpful reminder that “God is the supporting parent that is always there for you and that you can pray to for help when you need it. He’s like a backstage deckhand that you don’t always see but you know that He is running the show.”

Yet another student remarked that “Faith in the presence of God can have many different interpretations. In my eyes, this core principle means to live a life as if God is always watching you. It means to take pride in the fact (in others words, have faith) that God is looking out for you and that he has a plan for you…basically he is in control of the decisions you make and is there to give you guidance when needed.”

“Faith in the presence of God for me means to know that God has plans for me, plans for good and not for evil, which give me a future and a hope. And it is through that hope and trust in God that assist my walk with Him every day. We are always to be grateful for what God has done and will do in our lives if we continue to love and walk humbly with God daily,” said another student.

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