Lasallian Collegians: Five Core Principles

Lasallians refer to five core principles to guide them in life: Concern for the Poor and Social Justice, Faith in the Presence of God, Inclusive Community, Respect for All Persons, and Quality Education. This semester, Lasallian Collegians will explore a different principle every month.

Faith in the Presence of God: This was important to St. John Baptiste de La Salle. Although many trials came his way while he was beginning the De La Salle Christian Brothers, he maintained his faith and knew that all that he was doing was in God’s Hands. A phrase that we see often that came from La Salle is “The work is yours, Lord.” La Salle had faith in God that everything would work out. Maybe not how or when La Salle expected, but it would still work out.

On Thursday night, January 29, the Lasallian Collegians invite everyone to the LLC Commons for a Hot Chocolate Social with the Brothers! There will be hot chocolate and a time to talk with the Brothers and the Lasallian Collegians!