CBU Healthy Initiative Naming Contest

fitbitOver the years, CBU has endeavored to build a healthy community and campus. This year, we plan to be more active in this pursuit. In order to achieve this goal, the Benefits and Compensation Committee is creating a new Healthy Initiative Program to help promote a healthy lifestyle amongst faculty and staff here on campus.

CBU is a participant in the Memphis Business Group on Health’s CEO Culture of Health Initiative, committing CBU to promoting and supporting the health of its employees through the University culture, policies, benefits, and programs. Through the Culture of Health Initiative, CBU will actively promote employee health by creating programs that offer employees physical activity support, increase healthy eating options, and promote a wellness culture, initiatives certified by the American Heart Association’s Fit Friendly Business Program.

To kick off the program, the Committee is sponsoring a contest to name CBU’s program. The winner of this contest will receive a Fitbit Tracker for his or her contribution of naming the Healthy Initiative. Please visit www.cbu.edu/healthy-name for details and a handy form to use to submit your suggestions for a name.

Submit your ideas and you could win a brand new Fitbit!

The contest will end January 23. We encourage you to participate and help contribute to CBU’s new healthy community!