Why Studying Abroad is Good For You

The ability to experience other people’s cultures is an opportunity no one should miss out on. Even if it is just a week, it will improve you as a person and a student. Take advantage of the London-Paris trip or the Spain trip in the spring.

In the London-Paris trip (May 2015), courses offered are Global Studies, which is an approved general education requirement, and Finance 437. Not only does studying abroad increase your knowledge on the classes you are taking, but it increases your knowledge of the culture that surrounds London and Paris. Visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, seeing fashion at the Galleries Lafayette, exploring the Palace of Versailles, are all experiences of a lifetime.

In Spain (Spring Break 2015), you can increase your knowledge of renewable energies by taking a renewable energy course. There is also a mechanical engineering course offered for engineering majors as well. If you are not engineering major, that’s okay because now there is an economics course: Economics 347, offered as well. Plan to visit the three major cities Seville, Granada, and Cordoba, to see flamenco shows, explore street markets, see Granada’s Alhambra Palace, enjoy the beautiful coast of Malaga and much more while pursuing your studies.

Studying abroad can help you develop as a person, a professional, and encourage you to be involved in world issues. Do not miss these opportunities! Hurry and pay the $300 deposit. Both trips are open to all students. The deadline for Spain is Thanksgiving. For more information click here.

If you really want to go but cannot make the deadline payment, please contact Dr. Forsdick and leave a message with a phone number where you can be reached. Call (901) 321-3461 or email emathis@cbu.edu.