Lasallian Collegians: Defining “Lasallian”

First, the Lasallian Collegians want to thank everyone who came out to the study break during exam week. There was a great turnout, and everyone had fun!

Each week, the Lasallian Collegians will share something about our Lasallian heritage with you through the Connection. This week, we are going to define Lasallian!

Being Lasallian means different things to different people, but in a general sense, being Lasallian focuses on living out the values abbreviated by “Faith, Service, and Community.” A Lasallian is one who strives to look out for others, and not just himself, someone who strives to include all the people around him.

Everyone at CBU is Lasallian because they attend a Lasallian school, but do you strive to maintain these ideals? Can you see them acted out by the people around you? The goal of the Lasallian Collegians is to promote the Lasallian ideals and get the entire CBU community excited about our incredible heritage. We hope you will start to become more aware of not just the definitions, but also how the principles are at work in your life.