September of Service: 30 Days of Good Deeds

Are you ready for the biggest service initiative CBU has ever seen?!

CBU’s September of Service: 30 Days of Good Deeds is back and better than ever. We have 30 days of great projects and 1000 volunteer slots, now all we need is YOU!

Join S.O.S. on Friday, August 29 in the Buckman Quad, 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., to kick it into gear, and get ready for all the fun, growth, learning, new friends, and SERVICE. There will be sign-ups, refreshments, music, “Why I Serve” sign pictures, chalk, new S.O.S. t-shirts for only $10, free pens, and of course door prizes!

S.O.S. is open to EVERYONE at CBU! Yes, everyone: students, faculty, staff, alumni, Brothers, family members, and pets (well, maybe not pets). We’ll let you know when our S.O.S. website is ready to view. In the meantime, like us on Facebook and get ready to rock Memphis!

ROGUE SOSing is back! If you can¹t join us for one of our scheduled service projects, we welcome you to don your SOS shirt, serve your community (wherever you are in the world), and post your good deed (including a picture) to our Facebook page. Don¹t have an SOS shirt? Make a sign! Don¹t have a sign? SOS anyway! (Thanks to Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald for this great idea!)