CBU Exhibitions

FACE IT MEMPHIS!  An exhibition of photographic portraits entitled “Face It Memphis!” is in the Beverly & Sam Ross Gallery through October 2, 2104. The exhibition of portraits by Memphis Camera Club members contains 106 photographs. Artists represented in “Face It Memphis!” are Beth Behm, Bill Belus, Steve Copen, Paula Cravens, Saj Crone, Beverly Hammond, Saji Madapat, Patty McLaughlin, Becky Ross, McRae, Mike Neal, Paul Nolte, Patricia Possel, Tom Richey, Uttam Shah, Patti Smith, Rog Spahr, Quinn Strother, Mary Stubbs, and Joe Sullivan. More information is available at www.cbu.edu/gallery.


Nick Peña, What Lies Beneath (Slow Creep), oil on canvas.

PROCESSING THE IDEAL:  Nick Peña, Associate Professor of Art at CBU, is exhibiting his paintings at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens through October 5. The exhibition, titled “Processing the Ideal,” features large-scale paint­ings that re-visualize perceptions of the “American Dream” and the effects that pursuit has on our environment. Many of Peña’s paintings begin with personal nostalgia and culminate in serious, social, or polit­ical inquiries. He considers both changing social norms and the physical appearance of the American landscape in his work. “Processing the Ideal” presents an interesting conundrum and questions if the ground that we live upon is both physically and ideologically solid. More information at CBU News Center or at www.dixon.org.