Make a Difference, One Spray Can at a Time

Paint the Rock: Vote with Your Dollars!

We’ve assigned a paint color to five AWESOME projects that will improve the CBU Campus Experience. Vote with your dollars for the project you want to see funded, and at the end of the campaign, the winning project will receive all the money raised. WINNER TAKE ALL!

The projects are (color-coded):
A Library Lounge
New Pool Furniture
A Swingset
Lights on the Outdoor Basketball Court
New Recycling Bins

Each of these projects will cost around $5,000 to complete.  

Select friends to honor with your artistic abilities (a $10 donation will be added to your total for every friend you honor). Visit the Paint the Rock Home Page, make your donation, and watch your favorite project move towards the lead. The Rock on the home screen will change colors in real time, based on which group solicits the most support!

On Friday, May 16, during Commencement Weekend, we will unveil the winner by painting the ACTUAL rock, in honor of the winning project!