Renewable Energy & Other Adventures in Spain

Renewable Energy and Other Adventures in Southern Spain: Spring Break 2015

The popular image of Spain as a land of bullfights, scintillating flamenco dancers, sherry, and ruined castles derives from Andalucía, the southernmost territory and the most quintessentially Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula. Above all, it’s the great Moorish Monuments, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sights that compete for your attention here. The Moors developed the most sophisticated civilization of the Middle Ages, centered on the three major cities of Córdoba, Seville, and Granada. The cafes and tapas bars will delight your palate; street markets will beckon you, and the awesome Flamenco dancers will capture your fancy. Drink in the ambience of the Morocco mystique as we stroll avenues frequented by famous local painters Velasquez, Murillo, and Zurbaran and bask in their legacies. Explore the topic of renewable energy and sustainability as we visit the Abengoa solar plant and wind turbine facility.

Each unique sight preserves extraordinarily brilliant and beautiful monuments to science, sustainability and architecture. The most perfect monument is Granada’s Alhambra Palace, arguably the most sensual building in all of Europe. Seville, not to be outdone, has a fabulously ornamented Alcázar and the grandest of all Gothic cathedrals. Today, Andalucía’s capital and seat of the region’s autonomous parliament is a vibrant contemporary metropolis that’s impossible to resist. Córdoba’s exquisite Mezquita, the most magnificent mosque constructed by the Moors, is a landmark building in world architecture and not to be missed.

ME 496 Special Topics: Renewable Energy
Dr. Jose Davila, 3 credit hours: Open to all students, no prerequisites.
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