Dr. Pong Malasri (Civil Engineering & Packaging) has recently been certified by the International Safe Transit Association (www.ista.org) as a Certified Packaging Lab Technologist by passing a two-hour exam.  This is the second of the three levels under ISTA Certified Packaging Lab Professionals (CPLP) Program.  He was certified by ISTA as a Certified Packaging Lab Technician in May 2013.  Currently, there are 211 ISTA certified technicians (level 1), 131 technologists (level 2), and 19 professionals (level 3) worldwide. The CBU Packaging Test Lab has been certified as a commercial lab by ISTA since October 2009. The lab has served various customers, including Merck Consumer Care and Olympus Surgical Technologies America.  Larry Rutledge, retired FedEx Packaging Lab Manager, serves as the manager of CBU Certified Packaging Test Lab.