Come. See. Conquer.

Rome, of course!
Are you majoring in Chemistry or Religion? Do you simply need a class to fulfill this requirement towards your degree? Are you ready to explore another country? If you answered “Yes” to ANY, or all, of these questions, then THIS TRIP IS FOR YOU.

Here are the basics you need to know (besides the clear fact that you need to go):

  • Dates: May 19-27, 2014
  • Classes Offered:  CHEM105: Chemistry of Cooking (Pending Gen-Ed; Honors or Non-Honors); RS 294: Special Topics: Honors Christian Spirituality (Pending Gen-Ed); RS 324: Honors Christian Spirituality

• The Chemistry of Cooking course, taught by Dr. Anthony Trimboli, takes an in-depth and hands-on approach to the chemical nature and transformations that occur during classic and modern cooking techniques. A study of basic chemical principles, the scientific method, experimental design, and method optimization will be employed to understand the effects of cooking processes on food. This course concludes with a study abroad trip (required) to Italy taking place immediately after spring commencement. The adventure begins with three days in Rome. Visit Trastevere, view the Pantheon, walk the Piazza Navona, and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. You will celebrate a Papal audience with Pope Francis, see the wonders of the Vatican, and experience the masterpieces of the Sistine Chapel. A day trip to the charming little towns of Assisi and Foligno will provide a respite from the bustling crowds in Rome. You will then continue your journey to Bologna where you will tour the historic city, experience cooking lessons, and sample fine authentic Italian cuisine.

• What does it mean to be “spiritual”? To be “religious”? What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? How are Christian beliefs put into practice? How do practices, and places, shape beliefs? The Honors Christian Spirituality courses, taught by Dr. Emily Holmes, examine the historical development and contemporary expression of Christian spirituality through four different ways of life: martyrdom, monasticism, mysticism, and pilgrimage. Primary texts from the history of Christianity will include martyrologies, the Rule of St. Benedict, the Memorial of Angela of Foligno, the works of Sts. Francis and Clare, and descriptions of medieval pilgrimage. The course will culminate with a (required) study abroad visit to Rome, Foligno, and Assisi. Experience the darkness of the catacombs, see the wonders of St. Peter’s Basilica, and appreciate the masterpieces of the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel. Explore medieval streets and visit early Christian churches. Celebrate with Pope Francis, take a pilgrimage to the beautiful Umbrian towns of Assisi, home of St. Francis and Claire, and Foligno, home of Blessed Angela. Wrap up the week with optional visits to the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Villa Borghese, or the Roman Forum, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of Rome.

Sounds pretty interesting, right?! All you need to do from here is complete and return the Travel Study Trip application form. If you have any further questions, contact Dr. Emily Forsdick at (901) 321-3461 or Ms. Shelby Roberts at (901) 321-3264 or