SOS: 30 Days of Good Deeds Kick-Off

Are you ready for the biggest service initiative CBU has ever seen?!

That’s right, you thought September of Service 2012 was big, but SOS 2013 is coming at you 25% more AWESOME! Join SOS on Friday, August 30 in the Buckman Quad, 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., to kick it into gear, and get ready for all the fun, growth, learning, new friends, and SERVICE. There will be refreshments, DJ John Dawson, ”Why I Serve” sign pictures, $10 SOS t-shirts, pens, door prizes, and (of course) that infamous SOS song loop.

SOS is open to EVERYONE at CBU! Yes, everyone: students, faculty, staff, alumni, Brothers, family members, and pets (well, maybe not pets). Go for information, our calendar, and to sign-up.

New for 2013: ROGUE SOSing!!  This year we are adding a new dimension to SOS. If you can’t join us for one of our scheduled service projects, we welcome you to don your SOS shirt, serve your community (wherever you are in the world), and post your good deed (including a picture) to our Facebook page. Don’t have an SOS shirt? Make a sign! Don’t have a sign? SOS anyway!!!! (Thanks to Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald for this great idea!)

Agencies include Ave Maria Home, Habitat for Humanity, the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, Manna House, Small Beginnings, LeBonheur Chldren’s Hospital, Memphis Urban League, and 23 more!

Like CBU’s September of Service on Facebook, follow SOS on Twitter and check out the website at

If you can’t view the video above on your browser or mobile device, click here for some great September of Service memories!