New Delta Sigs


Delta Sigma Pi would like to congratulate Kasey Beekman (Accounting ’16), Meetal Parag (Finance ’15), Jenna Crain (Marketing ’15), Miles Anderson (Finance ’15), Jack Parker (Accounting ’16) and Sasha Hill (Marketing ’15) for their acceptance into the business fraternity. The new members will now join a six-week pledging process to learn more about the history, values and expectations of becoming a true Deltasig. Congratulations!

Children’s Miracle Network Week

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is holding its 2nd Annual Children’s Miracle Network Week this week (February 18-22) and it’s a CBU Carnival! This week is going to be filled with fun and games all with the ultimate goal of raising money to donate to CMN! Below is a list of each day as well as the event associated:

  • Monday – Baseball Throw: Players get to test out their aim and accuracy in a carnival favorite. Three standard milk bottles will be stacked and for $1, you get one chance to knock all three bottles over! For every player that knocks all three bottles over, they will be awarded a CMN Balloon to go toward the organization of their choice.
  • Tuesday – Balloon Pop/Ring Toss: Step right up and show us what you got! For $1, a player will be given one dart to throw at a wall of balloons with various prizes inside! Prizes include extra throws, extra CMN Balloons for your organization, and even cash money! For another $1, players will be given 6 rings to throw at bottles in hopes of landing a ring around the neck winning a CMN Balloon!
  • Wednesday  – Corn Hole: Who doesn’t like a good ole’ game of corn hole! CBU’s campus is littered with corn hole stars in the making and here’s your chance to prove what you got! For $1, each player will be given three bags to toss at a standard board. For every three points the player gets, he/she is awarded a CMN Balloon!
  • Thursday – Cottage Cheese Eating Contest: Cottage cheese is notoriously healthy so why not try and scarf down as much as possible before the person next to you?! Each organization is allowed to enter 2 men/women to compete in a cottage cheese eating contest with the winning organization being awarded 15 CMN Balloons with second being awarded 10 CMN Balloons and third place being awarded 5 CMN Balloons.
  • Friday – Car Smash!: School stresses everybody out so why not take out that stress on an old car! For $1, you will be given a sledgehammer, safety goggles, and four swings at a junker waiting to be smashed!

As mentioned above, CMN Balloons will be awarded for each event and at the end of the week, the organization with the most balloons awarded in their honor will be awarded $100 cash prize! Also, the individual who has won the most balloons throughout the week will be given a $25 Visa Gift Card! In addition to winning balloons for playing games, CMN Balloons can be bought all week in the cafeteria for $2 apiece.

Let the games begin!

Buc Scoreboard


  • 02/14: Bucs 54, University of Alabama-Huntsville 48 (at Canale Arena)
  • 02/16: Bucs 84, Shorter University 69 (at Canale Arena)


  • 02/14: Lady Bucs  47University of Alabama-Huntsville 77  (at Canale Arena)
  • 02/16: Lady Bucs 47, Shorter University 39 (at Canale Arena)

BASEBALL (2-5, 0-0 GSC)

  • 02/13: Bucs 1, Loyola University 3 (at Buc Field)
  • 02/13: Bucs 8, Loyola University 6 (at Buc Field)
  • 02/16: Bucs 2/1, Drury University 9/7 (at Buc Field)
  • 02/17: Bucs 2, Drury University 12 (at Buc Field)

SOFTBALL (1-1, 0-0 GSC)

  • 02/17: Lady Bucs  3Rhodes College (at Bland Field)
  • 02/17: Lady Bucs  13, Rhodes College (at Bland Field)






  • 02/20: Martin Methodist College (Bland Field; 1:00 p.m. doubleheader)
  • 02/24: Cumberland University (Lebanon, TN; 1:00 p.m.  doubleheader)



Mobile Mammography Unit

The Baptist Mobile Mammography Unit will be on campus on March 21. Please contact Katherine Misee in Human Resources if you would like to take advantage of this worthwhile program. It only takes about 15 minutes (provided you have completed the information sheets prior to the visit) and they will only be here in the morning, starting at 8:30.
The Baptist Mobile Mammography is “in-network” for our TICUA plan. Remember that the new CBU plan year starts May 1, 2013 — if you had a mammogram since May 1, 2012, you would not be covered until the new plan year. Cash prices are available if you are not covered by our plan.
The Unit is open to anyone, but there is a restriction for age. You must be at least 35 before having the base one performed (federal regulations say that you can have one from age 35-40).
Please send your scheduling request to with your best time options. She will respond with the forms that you will need to complete and return by the first week in March. Paperwork must be turned in to Katherine by March 14.