Spring Play: Private Eyes

PrivateEyes-PosterPerformances for the Spring Play are scheduled for March 21-23 at 7:30 p.m. and March 24 at 2:00 p.m. in the University Theater. Steven Dietz’ Private Eyes is a comedy that is a roller coaster ride between truths and lies, filled with surprises and misdirection. Matthew and Lisa are rehearsing a play. Lisa may or may not be having an affair with their British director, Adrian.  In any case, Matthew tries to cope with his troubled marriage by seeing his therapist, Frank. Then, there is Cory, a mysterious woman, who seems to be shadowing their every move. She helps bring the story to its surprising conclusion. Or does she?  The audience itself plays the role of detective in this hilarious relationship thriller about love and the power of deception. Seating is limited and reservations must be made in order to guarantee seating. Please use this link to reserve your tickets today: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/privateeyestixGeneral admission is $ 5.00 and admission for CBU staff/faculty/students is $1.00. The cast includes Nic Picou (Adrian), Catherine Montesi (Cory), Meghan Hawkins (Lisa), Kierra Turner (Frank), and Cale Baskin (Matthew).

Mobile Mammography

The Baptist Mobile Mammography Unit will be on campus on March 21. Please contact Katherine Misee in Human Resources if you would like to take advantage of this worthwhile program. It only takes about 15 minutes (provided you have completed the information sheets prior to the visit) and they will only be here in the morning. Remember that the new CBU plan year starts May 1, 2013 — if you had a mammogram since May 1, 2012, you would not be covered until the new plan year. The Unit is open to anyone (even those who are not covered under our plan) but there is a restriction for age. You must be at least 35 before having the base one performed (federal regulations say that you can have one from age 35-40). Please send your scheduling request to kmisee@cbu.edu with your best time options. She will respond with the forms that you will need to complete and return by the first week in March.