SOA Students Write for the Galleon

In the last year, several students from the Department of Literature and Languages have completed practicums in digital writing for CBU’s Galleon online magazine. Throughout the semester, the students write in a variety of web genres such as short-form essays, listicles, and arts reviews.

hangmans_tree_webLike many online magazines, Galleon provides authors with opportunities to address everything from the election to the Memphis music scene. For example, Austin Essary tries to pin down the “Memphis Sound” and Berlin Howell outlines the best of Memphis music in 2015. What’s more, our students have tackled difficult political and social issues. For example, in her piece about the theology of lynching trees, Maya Freeman demonstrates the ways in which lynching continues to be a powerful image for African American communities. And Chase Encalade addresses the experience of being a young black person by interviewing her peers and contextualizing their thoughts with the larger movement for racial equality.

While the opportunity to publish is important, writing for the Galleon provides students with an opportunity to develop their voice and hone their writing skills. Austin says he learned a lot about the writing process and how long it takes to work interview subjects. Chase says her experience was “awesome and enriching.” And Morgan Harper is pleased that her post, “23 Ways You Know You’re a CBU Student”, became one of the most popular and widely shared articles. These experiences are invaluable for students who have to think critically about genre, medium, and audience.