BFA Showcase

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts showcased the work of its 2016 BFA graduates at a one-night exhibition at Marshall Arts. The exhibit featured works by Alexi Blum, Jacob Brunner, Sheridan Cross, Morgan Granoski, Walter Harris, Tawanda Jones, and Seth Loomis.


castings_coverIn conjunction with the exhibit, CBU’s Castings Journalcelebrated its 2016 release.

For those who were not able to attend, an online edition can be found HERE. Students and work selected for prizes in the 2016 Castings journal can be found in the list below:




1st Place: “Overtime” by Savannah Austin
2nd Place: “Stages” by Jennifer Davidson
3rd Place: “Morning Time” by Savannah Austin

1st Place: “Withering” by Olivia Betterton
2nd Place: “The Losing Man” by Jessica Love
3rd Place: “Mississippi Station” by Seth Loomis

Digital Photography
1st Place: Top 5 Ways to Beat the Stay-at-Home-Mom Blues by Morgan Granoski
2nd Place: Foggy Woods by Ethan Hart
3rd Place: Serenity by Shannon McKee

Fine Art
1st Place: Play with Me by Taylor Bing
2nd Place: Skeletal by Megan Mosier
3rd Place: Post-Shower Ritual by Morgan Granoski

Faculty judges for this year’s Castings journal included Dr. Ann Marie Wranovix, Dr. Vincent O’Neill, Dr. Jeff Gross, Dr. Kristian O’Hare, Jana Travis, and Nick Pena.