Upcoming: Psychology Research Presentations

Students from Correlational Research Methods and Statistics will present their research findings on Wednesday, December 16 from 1:00 to 3:00 in Assisi Hall 153. Research topics include:

The Relationship between Social Media, Anxiety, and Self-Esteem
Rachel K. Black, Tevin Hill, Deidra Covington

The Relationship between Altruistic Tendencies and Easy Versus Difficult-Escape Prosocial Behaviors
Adama Sow, Morgan Mattingly, and Vladmir Gonzalez

The Relationship between Motivation and Employee Performance
Dayana Parada Ramirez, Jessica Dominguez, and Lakeva Johnson

The Relationship between Body Dissatisfaction and Collegiate Sports Participation
Shelby Olivia Cavagnaro and Frank Lanigan

The Relationship between Social Anxiety and Alcohol Use
Kristin Page, Emily Ervin, and Melody Mays

Relationship between Personality, Body Image, and Healthy Living
Lauren Woog and Leiah Durr

The Relationship Between Social Exclusion and Depression
Lauren Malone, Megan Clowes, and Summer Rudd

The Relationship between Past Leader Experience and Leadership Attitudes
Michelle Pleasant and Sean Rowland

The Association of Stigma of Obesity with Racial/Ethnic Identity and Socioeconomic Status
Tierney Nichole Kizer and Jasmine Clinton

The Relationship between Fitness and Tempo
Valeria Torres and Caitlin Revers

The Relationship between Video Games and Deviant Behavior in Young Adults
Sandra Quiroz and Alejandro Yael Chiñas Lopez