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Study Abroad Paris

Experience our exciting historical odyssey to Paris including a visit to Belgium during Spring Break 2016. First stop is Paris, the City of Lights. Climb the Eiffel Tower, stroll the Champs-Elysees, the most famous boulevard in the world, hear the bells of Notre Dame, and cruise down the Seine River. Take a trip to battle sites of World War I in Belgium and experience the Great War during exciting reenactments. There is a history to be learned in each place we travel.

Sights and Visits
• Meaux Museum
• Versailles
• Les Invalides
• Day trip to Verdun
• Sacre-Coeur Basilica
• The Lourve
• Galeries Lafayette
• Notre Dame Cathedral
• Seine River Cruise
• Left Bank/ Latin Quarter
• And much more!

Courses Offered
There are several history courses offered by Dr. Neal Palmer for this trip. The trip will be an option for students in both HIST 339 Europe and the Great War and HIST 108 World History since 1500. There will be a third Honors-only class called Remembering WWI with Movies and Memorials. Students in this course will be required to go on the trip. This course will be cross-listed as a HIST/HUM course. Spaces are limited.

All students have the chance of making their experience at school go from ordinary to extraordinary by studying abroad. Many students think it is outside of their price range to study in a foreign country. However, CBU offers a range of different options for those on the tightest of budgets to the biggest of spenders. We offer short study trips in which we travel with fellow CBU students and friends for a week or two during school breaks. In spring semester this year, study/trips include History in Paris and Chemistry in San Sebastian, Spain.

If you pay tuition and want to pay that exact same price but study for a semester in Barcelona, Austria, or France you can take part in our exchange program, where students pay the same price as they would at CBU. If these countries don’t interest you and you still want to spend a semester abroad, look into our Lasallian consortium semester abroad locations where the price varies according to which country you choose and whether you stay for a fall, spring, or just a summer term.

Whatever you decide, it will be money well spent. Contact, or stop by the Study Abroad Office, or see us in the Connection and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to explore the world.