Student Spotlight: Mauricio Ramirez

Mauricio RamirezIn the fall of 2014, I was afforded an opportunity to attend Latino Memphis’s 1st Annual Leadership Luncheon, where I was fortunate enough to speak with many business and political leaders in our community, including one of the Vice Presidents of AutoZone. He and several other leaders encouraged me and made me realize my talents could be useful in the corporate world. Shortly thereafter, I reached out to AutoZone and was hired as part of their 2015 Summer Internship Program.

I found that AutoZone has a very unique and amazing culture that complements my philanthropic aspirations. The intriguing aspect that appeals to me is the care and respect that each person who interacts with AutoZone receives, whether they are an employee or a customer. By ensuring an accepting and diverse community, Autozone creates an enticing culture that rouses the best out of their employees.

The office is not just a place to work but also a comfortable safe haven. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that the organization I work for promotes internal outreach programs and connections with charities I grew up helping and volunteering at. AutoZone has opened up my eyes because the company contributes so much to the Memphis community by donating to great causes and by sponsoring local events. AutoZone also advocates for many of the philanthropies that I love, such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Boys and Girls Club, and The Salvation Army.

One of my responsibilities in the Training and Development department in Human Resources includes looking at statistics to help develop action plans that will result in an increase in productivity. I have also developed several surveys, written newsletters, worked with succession planning, interacted with talent management systems, and even helped troubleshoot the annual performance appraisal used by thousands of managers. There is an incredible feeling I get at AutoZone because even as an intern I actually get to work on big projects across the company.

Perhaps most relevant to me is that my education in Applied Psychology at Christian Brothers University runs parallel to the work I do at AutoZone. Some of the classes I have taken, such as Organizational Behavior, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Human Resources have given me a firsthand experience about the inner workings of a corporate company. For example, case studies I examined in class are equivalent to those I see at my job. In fact, I first learned the jargon and terminology used at AutoZone in my classes. Similarly, I also encountered scenarios my professors had outlined for us in detail. I am excited to continue my journey in the corporate world and even more excited about the opportunities I have because of the unique experience I received from the CBU School of Arts.

Mauricio Ramirez
Psychology ‘17