Testimonial: Behavioral Sciences Alumna, Bridget M. Nuechterlein

Bridget M. Nuechterlein, who graduated from CBU in 2009 with a degree in psychology, and is now serving as an Evaluation Specialist at The Evaluation Center, School of Education & Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver recently touched base with the School of Arts to say thank you:

The psychology program at Christian Brothers University has provided me with the necessary tools to successfully further my career in psychology. With its emphasis on research, I adapted well into my graduate program, earning a master’s degree in educational psychology with a focus in research and evaluation. The supportive faculty in the psychology department developed a sequence of research courses that outlined the first two semesters of my graduate program. I entered these courses with previous experience in writing literature reviews and developing research designs with appropriate analysis techniques. I also had a deep understanding of statistical analysis software and knew how to interpret an output. This research sequence exposed me to research methodology and statistical analysis at an early stage. I did not realize how “research minded” I was until I began my graduate program and realized my first few courses were review while my classmates were learning something brand new. I was asked to be a teacher assistant (TA) because of my previous exposure to the material. I credit CBU for my early success in graduate school!