New Minor in Anthropology / Intercultural Communication and Archaeology Courses Announced

The Department of Behavioral Sciences is excited to announce the new anthropology minor, beginning fall 2015. The anthropology minor helps prepare students for graduate studies or a career in a range of public, private, and non-profit sectors. The minor requires 19 hours of anthropology coursework including one course in each of the four sub-fields (archaeology, linguistics, cultural, and physical/biological) and two additional courses of the student’s choice. Career and graduate opportunities for those with an anthropology background include: public administration, cross-cultural counseling, non-profit administration, regional planning, public health, museums, community development, international agencies, and international business.

Two new courses have been created in conjunction with the minor:

ENG 301. Intercultural Communication This course explores the role culture plays in communication in our current society. Students will explore communicative differences through both linguistics and societal applications. One semester; three credits. Prerequisites: COMMUNICATIONS THEORY

ANTH 282.  Introduction to Archaeology  This class introduces students to archaeological approaches to understanding prehistoric cultures. Students study general anthropological concepts and specific archaeological methods and theories. Specific case studies are presented to illustrate several aspects of archaeological practice, and to show how archaeologists develop their understandings of cultural variation, change, and the rise of modern societies. (Same as HIST 282). One semester; three credits.

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