Student Spotlight: Alicia Russell’s Letter from Japan

RusselDear Dr. Broadwell,

I hope all is going well this year! Things are finally picking up here in Nago, Okinawa Japan and I started teaching last week! It feels wonderful to finally be able to put my degrees to work and to help teach English as a second language. I have even been given my own class of seniors to teach for two hours once a week! I expected to be team teaching for the duration of my stay, but I’m getting practice on my own now!


Japan is such a wonderful place. I have agreed to two years so far, but my schools are already talking about me staying the full five years allotted in the JET Program. I wanted to say thank you again for helping me get to this point and to give you and update on how things are here.

Again, thank you for everything!

Alicia Russell, English Education graduate (B.A., 2013; M.A. 2014)