SOA Faculty Making News

Dr. Samantha Alperin (Education) represented CBU on the Teacher Effectiveness Committee with Shelby County Schools – a committee of each of the directors of teacher education programs at each of the universities in West TN. She also conducted two seminars: ‘Put the Textbook Down and Teach’ for the summer Diocesan in-service at Holy Rosary this July; and ‘You have an IEP, Now What?’ for the fall Diocesan in-service at CBHS in October.

On October 16, Dr. Libby Broadwell (Literature and Languages) gave the keynote address on the Southern writer Eudora Welty to approximately 200 students in grades 9 through 12 at CBU Middle College’s Literary Festival. This event was the culmination of the students’ study across the disciplines of the short story “A Worn Path.”

Dr. Kristian O’Hare (Literature and Languages) was invited by his alma mater (Western Michigan University) to do an alumni reading as part of the Fall 2014 Gwen Frostic Reading Series.

Dr. Scott D. Geis (Chair, Religion and Philosophy) attended the Kierkegaard Symposium this November at Baylor University, where he presented his paper, “The Hound’s Distant Baying, the Attentive Teacher, and Kierkegaard’s Point of View.”

Additionally, as part of the implementation phase of CBU’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Dr. Geis (Religion & Philosophy), along with Dr. James Moore (Biology), attended the 2014 National Academic Advising Association’s (NACADA) Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, this October.

Golightly IrelandDr. Karen Golightly (Literature and Languages) attended the American Conference of Irish Studies in Dublin, Ireland in June 2014 where she presented her paper: “The Past and the Present: Battling it Out in Tana French’s In the Woods.” She was also a featured reader at the Partners in Health Fundraiser in April 2014, where she read a fiction piece titled, “There Are Things I Know.” Additionally, she attended the Southern Literary Festival in Oxford, MS, in March, where she accepted an honorable mention for Castings in the print literary journal category of their annual competition. Furthermore, she had 15 photos accepted for publication in Number Magazine (including the cover and an accompanying article entitled, “Graffiti: Art for the Lucky”), Pank Magazine, El Aleph Magazine, and Star 82 Review.

9781441115485On July 22, the Feast of St. Mary of Magdala, Dr. Emily Holmes gave a lecture on “Mary of Magdala and Marguerite Porete: Faithful Witnesses” at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. Additionally, Breathing with Luce Irigaray, a collection of essays centered on the work of philosopher Luce Irigaray, which she co-edited with Lenart Škof was released.


Dr. Karl Leib (History & Political Science) had an article published in Science and Politics: An A to Z Guide to Issues and Controversies (CQ Press, 2014).The article is entitled “The International Space Station.”

Dr. Christophe Ringer (Religion and Philosophy) recently presented two papers: “District 9 and the Gates of Difference,” at Afrofuturism in Black Theology: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the State of Black Religion in the Black Metropolis sponsored by the Graduate Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University this October; and “The Militarization of the American Dream,” at Nightmare on Our Street: A Teach-In on Racialized Violence in America, again sponsored by the Graduate Department of Religion at Vanderbilt University on October 31st.

Dr. Jeff Sable (Behavioral Sciences) teamed up with Rebecca Klatzkin from Rhodes College to give a workshop at MSPC (which CBU hosted in March): How to Read Minds (well… sort of): An Introduction to Psychophysiological Methods, and was co-author of a talk given there.

He also co-authored of a journal article published in March in Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior. The article was “Sex differences in response to amphetamine in adult Long-Evans rats performing a delay-discounting task”, by Paul A. Eubig, Terese E. Noe, Stan B. Floresco, Jeffrey J. Sable, and Susan L. Schantz. This was a collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of British Columbia.

Furthermore, he and Dr. Mary Campbell (Behavioral Sciences) attended the third annual Symposium for Lasallian Research, held in September at St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis, MN. The symposium was attended by more than 120 members of the Lasallian community from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Andorra, and New Zealand—primarily from colleges and universities. The conference fosters international relationships and collaborations among researchers, especially in advancing research in line with the Lasallian mission.

As part of one of the conference “breakout sessions”, Dr. Sable delivered a talk entitled “Psychophysiological Methods for Assessment of Education and Learning Innovations”, which is related to one of the three broad themes on the research agenda of the International Association of LaSalle Universities.

History professors Dr. Neal Palmer, Dr. Ben Jordan, Dr. Marius Carriere, and Dr. Doug Cupples presented papers at the 30th Annual Ohio Valley History Conference at Austin Peay State University. Palmer’s and Jordan’s papers were a part of a panel on “Race & Identity: The Politics of Citizenship during World War I.”  Carriere’s and Cupples’ papers were on the topic “Varied Perspectives of the Civil War Era.”

Dr. Ric Potts (Education) presented a workshop for 12th Annual RISE state conference: Reading Instruction Successfully Enhanced – topic: “6 Trait Writing and Common Core: Meeting Students Where They Are and Providing the Path to Improvement” this April. He also gave a presentation titled “Literacy in the Age of Common Core” for the Martin Institute Conference in Memphis in June.

Dr. Brendan Prawdzik’s (Literature and Languages) article, “Naked Writhing Flesh: Rhetorical Authority and Theatrical Recursion,” remains forthcoming in the tentatively titled volume, “Varietie without end”: Generative Irresolution in Milton’s Poetry, ed. Mimi Fenton and Louis Schwartz. Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University Press. Additionally, his article “State-Building in Harrington’s Oceana and Milton’s Paradise Lost, i-ii,” was recently published in Notes & Queries. Dr. Prawdzik has also been chosen to present “Samson Agonistes: Passion’s Looking-Glass” at the 2015 International Milton Symposium in Exeter, England in July of 2015.

Jana Travis (Chair, Visual and Performing Arts) was in a group show in June at Marshall Arts called: THIS ART HAS COOTIES. Follow the link to read the review in the Memphis Flyer.

The following faculty members were granted tenure or received promotions for the 2014-15 academic year:

Dr. Wendy Ashcroft (Education) has been granted tenure.
Dr. Burt Fulmer (Religion & Philosophy) has been granted tenure.
Dr. Karen Golightly (Literature & Languages) has been granted tenure.
Dr. Clayann Panetta (Literature & Languages) has been promoted to the rank of Professor.
Nick Peña (Visual & Performing Arts) has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.