Belfast Exchange

This semester, junior, Madeline Faber is studying in Belfast, Northern Ireland at St. Mary’s. Madeline is continuing her English studies through the Erasmus Exchange Programme, which is a study abroad program organized by the European Union, where students can spend a semester or several years, at any of the partner schools around the world.

Madeline is working at St. Mary’s writing center under the direction of chair, Jonathan Worley as well as taking courses at the university. Her courses include Anglo-Irish literature, Modernism in literature, European Culture Studies, European History, and ceramics. There are 55 other international students in the Erasmus Programme with Madeline. She says, “We’ve all become very close. Everyone is so eager to share their culture and learn from a different perspective.” According to Madeline, hearing Tom Waits performed with a Slavic accent has been one of the highlights from interacting with students from around the world.

On a recent hike around Cave Hill, which is a green mountain overlooking all of Belfast, Madeline and the other international students saw the Isle of Man, Scotland, and the infamous characteristic of the hill, Napoleon’s Nose. Madeline will return to CBU in the spring and will surely be bringing stories to share from this incredible experience.