Interview: Dr. James Allen

Dr. James Alllen
is an assistant professor in the School of Business.

In what countries have you taught? I have only participated in Austria.

What programs did you teach in and how long? I have taught a Sport Industries course within a Hospitality and Tourism Management Master’s degree program at FH Johanneum University in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria.

How has study abroad as a professor influenced you? Being able to interact with students from another culture has been very beneficial. Also, to see how my field, the sport industry, differs in other countries. For example, a majority of the opportunities in athletics is provided by the national government in Austria. There are a few independent and privately funded organizations but a majority are owned and regulated by their federal government, which is very different from the United States.  It has been very informative for me to see that different model. Also, I have enjoyed the opportunity to interact with Austrian students who have different perspectives.

What would you say to the student who is contemplating studying abroad? Find a way to do it. I did not study abroad while I was a student; however I had a friend who did, and I made a trip to visit him in the Netherlands. Although I was only there for ten days, that small window was really eye opening and definitely provided me with a new perspective of the world and how other societies are organized. Even simple things like different foods and different music can be really enjoyable and you bring that back to the United States. People in our country say that this is the best country in the world, but traveling gives you a more well-rounded view and teaches you that there are other places that have certain strengths and weaknesses.  Some things they actually do better than we do. I would say the same thing about teaching in Austria. There are certain things about their culture, country, society and economy that are actually superior to things that are going on in our country, and vice versa. We have more freedom, more social mobility. So you take the good with the bad, but it’s nice to see how other people live so students on the fence just need to find a way! CBU will help you. We will make it happen.

How would you persuade a professor to offer a study abroad course? I think one way that has been effective is to offer a course that provides general education credit. This helps ensure a group is large enough for a specific study abroad program. I think many professors are willing to travel, but they know that it’s hard to get a large enough group to cover the cost.

Upcoming Trips


Memorial at Neuville St. Vaast

Watch for Dr. Neal Palmer’s study trip on World War I sites. In France, students will visit Paris, Reims, Arras, and the battlefield memorials at Vimy Ridge, Verdun, national cemeteries at Neuville St. Vaast and Notre Dame de Lorette, and the Meaux Museum of the Great War. In Paris, we will visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triomphe, and more.

Other locations may include Barcelona and Shanghai. Stay tuned!

Travel Testimonials: A Professor’s Perspective

AN INTERVIEW WITH DR. JAMES ALLEN (Management/Marketing/Economics)
by Keyara Baltimore

How did you get involved with Study Abroad?
When I first arrived to CBU in 2010,  I had reached out to Emily, the International Initiatives Director, to let her know that at my prior institution in Nebraska, I was already highly active with study abroad, so I wanted to get involved immediately at CBU. She informed me about the partnership we have with FH Joanneam University in Austria, which offers sport management courses, which is conveniently what I teach.

How are you involved with Study Abroad?
I have gone to Austria and taught at FH Joanneam University three times. This will be the first summer I won’t be going there since I have been at CBU. Additionally, I coordinate a class in Hospitality and Tourism Concentration in which students have the opportunity to travel to Austria to complete that concentration.

Would you recommend Study Abroad?
Absolutely! I wish every student could do it, to be honest. It’s an eye-opening experience, it broadens your horizons, you meet different cultures, and it helps you understand society and the economy on a global scale. It is so beneficial. One could even learn a foreign language as well as try some new foods.

Future Plans with Study Abroad?
I plan to get more students to travel to Austria. I’m trying to find more financial resources for them so that study abroad can be more widely used and financially accessible. Also, I will definitely be back to Austria to teach; however, I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old so I have to give it some time.

Fiestas and Siestas: Barcelona, Spain 2013

20130428-213640.jpgEver dreamed of a city that not only stops all types of activity from two p.m. to five p.m. in the afternoon, but also parties till six o’clock in the morning? Then you have never been to IMG_0111Barcelona, Spain. “What happens in Barcelona, stays in Barcelona,” J.D. Wolfe states as we return back home from our trip, but Barcelona was much more than a city that knew how to entertain their guests. The city is also filled with some of the most magnificent and stunning artwork, architecture, and an experience one will never forget.

​During spring break 2013 Christian Brothers University took students, family, and friends to visit and study in Barcelona, Spain and Carcassonne, France. Not only were we taken out of our comfort zone, being my first time out of the country, but we were easily adapted due the the group we were with and the outstanding kindness of everyone in the city.

“‘Take the path less traveled’: The cab rides in Barcelona were always eventful. For IMG_0109example, when no one spoke a lick of Spanish except for me and we got dropped off in an alley behind our hotel. We were all thinking our cab driver was going to kill us and he actually led us directly back to where we were suppose to be,” says University of Memphis student, Melody Caldwell. Most of the greatness of the trip should be accredited to the CBU study abroad program. Their tentativeness and particulars to detail made this trip a trip I will never forget. Honestly, my first time out of the country was with the CBU study abroad program, I graduate in May, and I am planning on going abroad with them again in 2014.

​”CBU Study Abroad trips are extraordinary for students of all ages. Our trip to Barcelona last month was an experience not to be forgotten. Seeing the Sagrada Familia and La IMG_0192Pedrera, strolling down La Rambla, dining at tapas bars, ascending Montjuic on the funicular, descending to the Underground City Museum to see excavations of Barcelona 2,000 years ago, enjoying a Flamenco performance, traveling to the Salvador Dali museum and the unbelievable medieval city of Carcassonne, France were all feasts for the senses. Our walking classroom led us to places beyond our expectations, and we were amazed,” says Ms. Barbara Kernan (and put very well I might add). I will always hold that week abroad with CBU near to my heart. You do not just learn about a new culture, you gain a deeper understanding for who you are as a person. For that, I thank CBU for having such a phenomenal itinerary planned for us in which we got to participate and live fully as a part of Barcelona, Spain and Carcassonne, France.” -Taylor Tartera, English ’13

You can view more photos on the Study Abroad’s Facebook page or Spain album.

Pack(age) Your Bags for Mexico!

During Spring Break 2013, Dr. Pong Malasri (Packaging Department) visited the Universidad DeLaSalle Bajio (Leon, Mexico) to discuss packaging research collaboration opportunities between DeLasalle Bajio and Christian Brothers University. His proposals and implementation plans were well received; furthermore, DeLaSalle sent Daniel Olivares to attend the 2013 HPC Spring Meeting in April hosted by CBU Healthcare Packaging Consortium to expound on his knowledge and education, ensuring the success of this new course.
Dr. Malasri plans to offer PKG/ME 498 Special Topics in Transport Packaging in the Spring of 2014. He plans to take the class during Spring Break to Universidad DeLaSalle Bajio (Leon, Mexico), consisting of two days of lectures and three days of visiting industries in Leon and nearby cities. This course focuses on the preparation for students to become a certified packaging lab technician. Additionally, students have an option to register to take an exam given by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).
For those who are interested in working in packaging, being an ISTA Certified Packaging Lab Technician is an excellent qualification to land a part-time or full-time position. There are about 400+ ISTA Certified Packaging Lab Technicians worldwide! Dr. Malasri is one such certified technician, overseeing CBU’s Packaging Lab which is also certified by ISTA as a commercial lab. CBU’s lab has provided test services to various companies in the last few years, including Merck, Olympus Surgical Technologies, Jabil, Stein World, and many more!
3Travel cost should be about $2,000 per student. The optional ISTA test will be approximately $200 additional.
Fortunately for all you science and engineering majors, his course would only require PHYS 150 Physics I and MATH 131 Calculus I as pre-requisites.
For more information on the upcoming trip please contact Dr. Malasri at
- Melanie Horne, Psychology ’14

Where Have Faculty and Administrators Been Traveling?

Mrs. Pat Papachristou and her husband, Dr. Gerald, traveled to England, Wales and Mexico.

“I enjoyed my family vacation in London in July. We were visiting my husband’s two sisters and brother. We rented a “converted barn” near Ross on Wye, in a charming out-of-the-way place. The scenery was made up of small farms with sheep in the meadows that looked like green patch work quilts in many shades. A few miles away and a world away from Ross, with its bustling high street and old market place that sold fresh vegetables. Most of the establishments were old Tudor buildings that were now hotels, antique stores, etc.

“During the month of June, I had worked in Mexico with Dr. Joan Landeros at the university and her assistant to develop a week study visit for CBU students to Mexico City. I visited most of the sights that will be included in our May trip and met the professors who will be giving lectures on the three cultures of Mexico and its history. I was particularly interested in checking out the safety in the neighborhoods around the university where we would be staying and around the sites we would be seeing. I got to experience the excitement of being downtown after the Mexicans won the Olympic soccer championship on Saturday afternoon. It was amazing!

“In August, I went to Mexico City to develop an exchange program with La Salle University there. I stayed with one of the families that La Salle uses for short stays for foreign students. It was conveniently located in the Condessa neighborhood, very close to the University and only a few miles from the historic district. While I was there I met with the Dean of Business School and talked about how we could develop a student exchange program that would include a future internship component, as well as an academic semester program.

“Please join me for my CBU trip in May 2013!”

Other Faculty Travels
• Professor Gary Tooley (Physician Assistant Studies) and his wife traveled to Jamaica on a medical/dental mission trip and will be leaving for Guatemala in May.
Dr. Frank Busher (VP for Academics) travelled to Rome and to the Philippines on Lasallian business.
Dr. and Mrs. John Smarrelli (President) were in Rome for a Lasallian workshop and visit.
Dr. Rick Potts (Education) and his wife, Annalise, traveled extensively to Italy, Monaco, France, Spain and Tunisia.
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald (Biology) was in Brazil directing MHIRT students in research.

Please join CBU on some of our travels.
For details go to or email or just drop by our offices in Buckman Hall 346-347. Phone: (901) 321-3461

PA Asst. Prof Completes Mission in Jamaica

Gary B. Tooley is an assistant professor in the Physician Assistant Studies Program here at CBU. He and his wife recently took a ten-day medical/dental mission trip to Jamaica. This trip is done annually through Rotary International and is sponsored by two churches. Professor Tooley and his wife will be journeying again in May to Guatemala for another mission trip through Island Community Church in Memphis.

MHIRT Director Travels to Brazil

CBU MHIRT LogoDr. Malinda Fitzgerald is the director of the Minority Health International Research Training (MHIRT) program and travels to Brazil every year to help recruit new students, teachers, and meet with current faculty and participants.

This program has given her the opportunity to travel all around Brazil. Dr. Fitzgerald spends most of her time in Brazil working with the MHIRT program, but when she does have free time, the island of San Catarina is where she loves to sand dune surf and enjoy the wild beaches Brazil has to offer.

CBU Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald travels to BrazilShe has also experienced the metropolitan life in Brazilian cities like Rio and many others. She says “…Each city is different and has it’s own charm.” But no matter where you go, her advice is to explore the country and all that the culture has to offer. Dr. Fitzgerald will be traveling back to Brazil again this summer.

CBU Faculty Travel to Slovenia, Hong Kong, and more

Dr. Paul Haught and Dr. Emily Holmes traveled to Slovenia where they made a professional presentation. Dr. Rick Potts and his wife enjoyed a fabulous Mediterranean cruise that included Turkey and Greece. Dr. Frank Buscher attended a Lasallian presidents’ international meeting in Manila in the Philippines that included a visit to Hong Kong.