Travel Testimonials: A Professor’s Perspective

AN INTERVIEW WITH DR. JAMES ALLEN (Management/Marketing/Economics)
by Keyara Baltimore

How did you get involved with Study Abroad?
When I first arrived to CBU in 2010,  I had reached out to Emily, the International Initiatives Director, to let her know that at my prior institution in Nebraska, I was already highly active with study abroad, so I wanted to get involved immediately at CBU. She informed me about the partnership we have with FH Joanneam University in Austria, which offers sport management courses, which is conveniently what I teach.

How are you involved with Study Abroad?
I have gone to Austria and taught at FH Joanneam University three times. This will be the first summer I won’t be going there since I have been at CBU. Additionally, I coordinate a class in Hospitality and Tourism Concentration in which students have the opportunity to travel to Austria to complete that concentration.

Would you recommend Study Abroad?
Absolutely! I wish every student could do it, to be honest. It’s an eye-opening experience, it broadens your horizons, you meet different cultures, and it helps you understand society and the economy on a global scale. It is so beneficial. One could even learn a foreign language as well as try some new foods.

Future Plans with Study Abroad?
I plan to get more students to travel to Austria. I’m trying to find more financial resources for them so that study abroad can be more widely used and financially accessible. Also, I will definitely be back to Austria to teach; however, I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old so I have to give it some time.