eclipsepromoWhat are these students doing?  Why, practicing for the eclipse of course!

As you may know, the first total solar eclipse to hit the U.S. mainland since 1979 is occurring on Monday, August 21.  The Moon will be passing between the Sun and Earth, blocking the light from the Sun.  While the eclipse is not total in Memphis, we still will see 94% of the sun’s diameter blocked at the peak of the eclipse.

All members of the CBU community are invited to view this celestial phenomenon at our Solar Eclipse Party, hosted by the CBU chapter of the Society of Physics Students, the Student Government Association, and the Office of Student Life.  We will have telescopes set up as well as a number of eclipse glasses with special filters that allow for direct viewing of the sun.  (Theses filters are absolutely necessary for direct viewing of the eclipse!  Ordinary sunglasses do not provide adequate protection!)

The party location is the Plough Sciences Courtyard, located between Assisi Hall and the Cooper-Wilson Center.  The eclipse begins in Memphis at 11:52 a.m. with the peak at 1:22 p.m. and the end of the eclipse at 2:50 p.m.  We will be out in the courtyard starting around 11:00 a.m.  Refreshments will be served near the peak of the eclipse.  Come out and enjoy the eclipse!  You won’t get another chance to see one in Memphis until 2023!

If you’d like to read more about the eclipse visit, hosted by the American Astronomical Society.

Welcome Jerad Henson

jerad_hensonJerad Henson joins the Department of Biology this fall as a full-time visiting faculty member. Jerad is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Memphis. The photo shows Jared in the field about to take a blood sample from a waterfowl. His research explores the interactions between physiology and environment.

This fall, Jerad Henson will be teaching an upper level elective Ornithology course with lab, several A&P labs, and the Senior Seminar course for our Natural Science majors.

Congratulations Dr. Tooley

gary_tooley_webGary B. Tooley, DHSc, PA-C, DFAAPA is the Director of Academics for and an Associate Professor in CBU’s Physician Assistant Studies program (our graduate program in the Health Sciences). Dr. Tooley recently earned his Doctor of Health Sciences degree from Nova Southeastern University. Two areas that Dr. Tooley focused on in his doctoral program include:

  1. The growing shortage of trained health profession educators. His research provided the data needed to start a new doctoral track at NSU specifically aimed at helping meet this shortfall.
  2. Cultural competency in health care.  As part of the doctoral program he completed an internship in Cote d’Ivoire. His practicum centered on culturally sensitive care of Muslim patients. He plans to continue this work by creating modules for other groups..

New Equipment for Chemistry

SoS_Chemistry_July2017Kaila Muhammad, a senior in the CBU Department of Chemical Engineering and President of the CBU chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, and Tim Burchett II, a senior in the CBU Department of Mechanical Engineering and Founder of Absolution Hydroformance, are pictured in front of the new Refractive Index Detector recently purchased for the CBU Department of Chemistry.  Kaila and Tim are using the research facilities in the CBU Chemistry Department for the development of an energy source for the School of Engineering AIChE CHEM-E-Car Project.

For research on polymers synthesized by controlled free radical polymerization, the analysis of each synthesized polymer requires an instrument called a GPC. Prior to this summer, the CBU Chemistry Department had the GPC instrument but only one type of detector, a UV/VIS detector. Using a UV/VIS detector means the polymer must absorb visible or ultraviolet light. The problem is that the vast majority of polymers cannot be detected in the UV or visible spectrum. In order to detect the non-light-absorbing polymers a refractive index detector is needed. Thus, the addition of the refractive index detector to the GPC in summer 2017 allows much more extensive and robust research to take place. Additionally, the refractive index detector will be used in the hands on laboratory for the polymer class that Dr. William Peer (Chemistry) will teach in spring 2018.

We thank our generous donors to both the Chemistry Department and the School of Sciences funds that allow us to purchase this expensive yet very useful scientific equipment.

Biology Lab Upgrades

STAN_1_smaller STAN_2_smallerThis summer, thanks to the generosity of our School of Sciences donors, we were able to purchase a little over $8,500 in hardware upgrades for three high quality centrifuges to be used in our biology labs. In the natural and health sciences, centrifuges are used for isolating and separating suspensions and immiscible liquids. We now have three working high quality centrifuges that will be used for laboratory classroom instruction as well as student and faculty research in the sciences.

Featured in the top photo:
Dr. Stanley Eisen, Biology Professor and Director of Pre-Professional Health Programs and CBU student Patricia Brownsberger (Biomedical Science ’18). Patricia’s lab coat is covered with illustrations of parasites that were featured in a book created by the students in a Parasitology class. The student’s named the book Don’t Get Sick, Stan!

News of the Moment 4/16

Lily Elizabeth King

Lily Elizabeth King

Dr. Raena King, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, had her baby girl, Lily Elizabeth, on March 23 at 11:20 AM. She weighed 7 lb. 13 oz.

Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology, had a paper accepted for publication:
Type-specific Photoreceptor Loss in Pigeons after Disruption of Parasympathetic Control of Choroidal Blood Flow by the Medial Subdivision of the Nucleus of Edinger-Westphal, by A Reiner, TT Wong, C.C. Nazor and N. Del Mar, and M.E. C. Fitzgerald has been accepted to Visual Neuroscience.  Ting Wong, Biology 2010, and Carter Nazor, Biology 2008, are both CBU grads and worked on the project.  Dr. Nazor is currently a neurology resident at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and Ting Wong graduated from pharmacy school and is studying for the board exam while working part time in Dr. Reiner’s laboratory.

Madison Cobb, Biology 2016, has been accepted to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s accelerated nursing program.

Alma Godoy Biology 2016, has been accepted to the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Nuti Desai, Biochemistry 2017, has been accepted into the 2016 Summer Research Scholars Program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

Christian Lyons, Chemistry 2016, has been accepted into the Fall 2016 entering class of the School of Pharmacy at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

Becky Wauford presenting at the MAA meeting.

Becky Wauford presenting at the MAA meeting.

On March 25th and 26th , Becky Wauford, Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering 2016, attended the Southeast Section of the Mathematical Association of America in Birmingham, AL., where she presented her poster “Literally the Worst: An Analysis of a Modified Game of Chutes and Ladders.”

Christian Lyons, Chemistry 2016, Tiffany Rice, Chemistry 2016, and Thomas J. Summers, Biochemistry 2016, presented research papers at the Rhodes College 2016 Undergraduate Research Conference on February 20.  The title of Christian’s talk was “Synthesis of Isoquinoline Derived Pentadentate Ligands”, and this research was performed under the direction of Dr. Xuan Zhao at The University of Memphis.  The title of Tiffany’s talk was “Synthesis of Nitrogen-Rich Ligands and Cobalt Complexes for Hydrogen Production”, and this research was also performed under the direction of Dr. Xuan Zhao at The University of Memphis.  The title of Thomas’ talk was “Computational Examination of the Energetics of Biphenyl Dihedral Rotation within a Modified Threonyl-Transfer RNA Synthetase”, and this research was performed under the direction of Dr. Nathan DeYonker at The University of Memphis.

On February 17, the Society of Physics Students hosted a STEM game night.

Beta Beta Beta Induction

Beta Beta Beta Induction

On February 18, the Mu Tau chapter of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society welcomed new full and associate members. Several friends, faculty, and family members were present to witness this induction which was followed by refreshments.  The names of the full members are: Andrea Campos,Sam Elkhayyat, Olivia Evans, John Gillenwater, Richard Grambergs, Ben Kueter, Saehymn Oh, Elizabeth Parr, Prakruthi Phaniraj, Hozyer Saeed, Lance Silvis, and Devam Zalawadia.  The names of the new associate members are: Diana Abu-Obeid, Jamila Ahmad, Chanteal Boyd, Ashley Cavalier, Jazmin Castillo, Jerika Chambers, Brittany Nicole Crawford, Jennifer Davis, Daria Dyer, Gil Erwin, Christopher Feldmayer, Jeremy Goodwin, Jhakalin Kimmons, Peter William Kinsella III, Stephanie Lara-Montiel, Abraham Lin, Maribel Lopez Mata, Michael Mendez, Ragan Victoria Morton, Hung Nguyen, Janie Huong Nguyen, Daniel Orleans-Lindsey, Courtney Pendergrass, Fernando Salazar, Hannah Schideler, Kennedy Simmons, Logan Stewart, Alexandra Wakefield, Antoinette Wilson, and Lily Wong.  A big thanks goes to John Buttross, Lauren Jeu, and Thomas Summers for coordinating the event.

The Regional Science Olympiad was held at CBU on Saturday, February 27, this year.  Dr. Andrew Diener, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, is the Director.  We had eight registered High School teams and nine registered Middle School teams.  The participating schools were: Arlington High School (2 teams), Collegiate School of Memphis, Collierville, Southwind High School (2 teams) and White Station High School (2 teams) in the upper division, Bellevue Middle School, Collegiate School of Memphis, Memphis School of Excellence, NSA Homeschool, Kate Bond Middle School, Ridgeway Middle School, and White Station Middle School (2 teams).  Lausanne Middle School registered but withdrew before the day of the competition.

The competition consisted of 23 different events for High School and 23 for Middle School.  These events range from theoretical subjects like astronomy to applied engineering and construction.  In the more theoretical events the students take written exams.  In the more applied events students do things like test a bridge they have constructed for its weight bearing capacity or launch a projectile at a target.

This year we had 109 high school students participating and 76 middle school students.   This was a record number at the middle school level and very near the record (last year we had 111) for the high school students.  This year the CBU Regional had two invitations for high schools to go to the state tournament and three invitations for middle school. White Station High school placed first and Southwind High placed second, though there was a virtual tie between Arlington, Collierville and Southwind, with Southwind winning the tie breaker.   At the middle school level White Station Middle won first place, the homeschoolers were second, and Memphis School of Excellence won third.   So these were the teams invited to the State Tournament in Knoxville.

Ms. Miller's Herpetolpgy Class Field Trip to T. O. Fuller Park

Ms. Miller’s Herpetology Class Field Trip to T. O. Fuller Park

Throughout the week of March 14th, Beta Beta Beta (Honors Biology Society) partnered with Campus Ministry to help the homeless around Memphis. Members of Tri Beta and friends donated various items such as toothpaste, tooth brushes, hand sanitizer, band aids, body wash, and more. As a result, nine bags full of items were collected. At the end of the week, Tri Beta members gave the bags to the homeless on the streets of downtown Memphis. Responses from the recipients were very positive. It was a learning experience for everyone involved and definitely a start of a great tradition for Tri Beta. The opportunity to work with Campus Ministry in such a way serves as another reminder of the Lasallian mission that CBU proudly stands for.

On March 19, the Department of Chemistry and  CBU Student Members of the American Chemical Society co-hosted the 2016 Local Exam for the Chemistry Olympiad and the 2016 Memphis Section of the American Chemical Society High School Competitive Examination.  Participating high schools included: Arlington High School, Bartlett High School, Bolton High School, Collierville High School, Germantown High School, Middle College High School, Memphis University School, Pleasant View School, and Saint Benedict at Auburndale.

Beta Beta Beta Trivia Night

Beta Beta Beta Trivia Night
photo by Megan Huynh

On March 30, Beta Beta Beta held its annual Trivia Night benefiting the Church Health Center. Seven teams across campus tested their wits to see who really knew the most about sports, entertainment, science, science fiction, history, and random facts. First place went to members of TKE Fraternity and second place went to members of the CBU Honors Program. However, the true winner of the night was the Church Health Center. Tri-Beta raised a little over $200. Thanks to Nirali Patel, Thomas Summers, Lauren Jeu, and John B. Buttross for coordinating an event that challenged the little gray cells.

Biology students presenting at the TAS meeting this year.

Biology students presenting at the TAS meeting this year.

On April 2, Rhodes College hosted the Tennessee Academy of Sciences Collegiate Meeting this year.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Rachel Jabaily, a Rhodes faculty member.  Her topic was: “What’s in a name? Using molecular systematics to recognize new genera in Goodenia s.l., a clade of charismatic Australian wildflowers”.  Eighteen students gave oral presentations and twenty students gave poster presentations.

CBU's Ecology students with their poster at the TAS meeting.

CBU’s Ecology students with their poster at the TAS meeting.

The CBU biology students that gave oral presentations were:  Biology section: Alma Godoy, Rachel Depperschmidt, Katherine Robinson, Ryan Tomlinson. Health and Medical Science: Madison Cobb, Ben Tansey, Chelsea Casaccia, Chandler Martin, Ellie Vo, Joe Krebs and Miranda Anderson.  Student poster section participants were Austyn Harriman, Megan Moiser, and Kelly Gaines Lynda Miller, Biology Lab Coordinator and Adjunct Biology Instructor, was co-author on the poster.  Dr. James Moore, Associate Professor of Biology, and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology, also co-authored student presentations.

CBU's winners at the TAS meeting this year.

CBU’s winners at the TAS meeting this year.

Best Paper awards were given: Katherine Robinson won first place in the biology section with her paper entitled “The effect of nephrotoxic drugs on fetal mesangial cell survival.” Coauthors: T. A. John, H. Soni, Randal K. Buddington and A. Adebiyi.  Chelsea Casaccia won first place in Health and Medical Science with her paper entitled “Anxiolytic effects by modulation of GABAa receptors in the basolateral amygdala. “Her coauthors were Y. Gao, and S. Heldt.  Madison Cobb won second place with her paper entitled “Common motor phenotypes in mouse models of dystonia.” Her coauthors were J. Xiao, and M.S. LeDoux.  All three students conducted their summer thesis research at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Pharmacology, Anatomy and Neurobiology, and Neurology respectively.  Katie participated in the Summer Research Scholars program and Chelsea received the Crane Vision fellowship. Katherine will start medical school the August at UTHSC and will get married in June.  Chelsea will start optometry school in August at NOVA in Florida.

On April 5 and 14, the CBU Student Members of the American Chemical Society and the School of Science co-hosted the first 2 sessions of 2016 Memphis-Shelby County Science and Engineering Fair.  The Fair annually hosts a total of 250 to 300 middle school and high school science and engineering projects presented by approximately 260 to 330 total students from across Shelby County.  This Fair is a regional Fair affiliated with the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair; and the high school winner of this Fair will go on to represent Shelby County at the International Fair that will be held in Phoenix, Arizona May 8-13, 2016.  The top scoring 10% of the middle school participants are eligible to enter the national Broadcom Masters Competition to compete for a grand prize of $25,000.  For more information, please contact Dr. Dennis Merat at  See Upcoming Events for an image and information about the last two sessions of the fair.

Dr. Price with the Alpha Chi members at the convention.

Dr. Price with the Alpha Chi members at the convention.

On April 7-10, five CBU students and the two faculty sponsors traveled to Washington, D.C.,  to attend the Alpha Chi National Convention.   The students were:  Chandler Martin (president), Breeana Nikaido (VP), Carly Geis, Abigail Lockard, and Andrea Perez Munoz.  Faculty sponsors were Dr. Randal Price, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology, who served as judges in computer science and health science respectively.  Alpha Chi is an interdisciplinary honor society that represents the top 10% in the senior and junior class at each participating institution.  There are over 300 chapters that are divided up into seven regions.  CBU is in Region III, which is the SE USA.  Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald has served as the president for the past two years and VP prior to that.  Over 500 students attended the conference held in the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center outside of Washington, D.C.

Dr. Fitzgerald with author Sonia Nazario

Dr. Fitzgerald with author Sonia Nazario

The theme of this year’s convention was Transcending Boundries and the keynote speaker was Pulitzer-prize winner Sonia Nazario.  She discussed her book, Enrique’s Journey, a story of a child’s journey to the US from Central America, just one of many children immigrants that travel unescorted to try and reunite with parents within the US.  Students also attended workshops and toured DC and museums as part of the convention activities.

Dr. Fitzgerald with Katie Robinson

Dr. Fitzgerald with Katie Robinson

The students presented papers in their disciplines and competed for awards (see titles below).  Unfortunately none of the student speakers won an award this year; however, Katherine Robinson had submitted a paper to compete for one of ten national graduate student Benedict Fellowships, named for the first
Alpha Chi president.  She won a fellowship and is the second to successfully obtain this honor in the past few years from CBU.  Additional winners have been first alternates to the Benedict Fellowships (Johnnie Huddleston in 2015) and undergraduate students have also obtained scholarships and awards from Alpha Chi in previous years.   The CBU chapter won a Star chapter award and students are preparing for the Alpha Chi student research poster session that will be help on April 19th in the Thomas Center at CBU.  The titles of the student presentations were:

Chandler Martin:   “Influence of Voluntary Exercise on Appetite and Obesity in the Paraventricular and Arcuate Nuclei

Breanna Nikaido:  “Code Puzzles”

Carly Geis“God, evil and suffering”

Abigail Lockard:  “The effect of optimism and stress on frustration”.

On April 13, the Society of Physics Students went on a tour of the GE Aviation plant in Batesville, MS., in conjunction with the engineers.

On April 14, Tri-Beta had a guest speaker at their meeting, Captain Coleman, who spoke  about the different branches in the military and scholarship opportunities post-graduation.

News of the Moment 2/16

Katie Robinson, Biology 2016, Joe Krebs, Biology 2016, and James (Ben) Tansey, Biology 2016, have been accepted to University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine MD program.

Tiffany Rice, Chemistry 2016, has been accepted into the fall 2016 Doctor of Pharmacy program at Union University.

Solomon Shokouh-Amiri, Biology 2016, had his senior research accepted for publication:  Hosn KN, Jefferson MM, Leding C, Shokouh-Amiri S., Thomas El, “Inhibitors of bacterial protease enzymes for periodontal therapy” in Clinical Experimental Dental Research 1:18-25, 2015

Katie Robinson, Biology 2016, and Cole Freeman announced their engagement.

Alpha Chi induction

Alpha Chi induction

The induction for our TN Theta chapter of Alpha Chi  was held on December 13th.  There was also a reception for those interested in Alpha Chi.  The chapter also made star chapter again!  Only 50 out of 300 chapters received this award.  In order to receive this award a chapter must:  have an induction, have someone apply for a national scholarship, attend the national meeting and have one scholarly event during the academic year.  This year for the 5th consecutive year and the 7th time CBU has received this award.  So for you new inductees lets have another great year. 

Who better to be resprsentative of the school of sciences on the homecoming court than the three of Xi most involved women at CBU

Who better to be resprsentative of the School of Sciences on the Homecoming Court than the three of Xi most involved women at CBU

Rachael Depperschmidt, Ellen Garner, and Sushma Kalava were honored at homecoming last weekend.

Coffee and Conversations:  When you were in college, did you wish you had a guidebook for taking the next step in education? Ever wish you could share your vast amounts of knowledge with those younger than you? Tri-Beta’s Coffee and Conversations Program can help! C&C’s are designed for students to ask graduate students in the sciences all of their burning questions. What kind of classes did you take in undergrad? Do internships and research make you a stronger candidate? How did you study for the MCAT? How is graduate school different from college? If you are interested in helping students by hosting your own C&C, e-mail Lauren Jeu, Natural Science 2017, at Thank you for your investment in our students’ futures!  We are scheduling 2nd year Pharmacy student, Anna Birg,  Biochemistry 2014, for either the last week of January or the second week of February. Kelly Jeu, Biology 2012 & third year Med school student, is scheduled for mid-February. Thanks to Anna and Kelly!

On Thursday, February 11, Tri-beta had a guest speaker, Major Jennifer Gurski.  She is a graduate of West Point and Tulane University School of Medicine and is currently the Commander of the 759th Forward Surgical team.  She spoke about her life as a surgeon in the Army.

SPS Chapter award

SPS Chapter award

The national office of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) recognized the CBU chapter as a “Notable SPS Chapter” for 2014-15 for its efforts to build the SPS community.  Congratulations to all of the CBU SPS members and to Dr. Ted Clarke, the faculty advisor!  Anyone with an interest in physics and fun is invited to join the chapter.  Contact Dr. Ted Clarke if you are interested at .

The Chemistry Help Center provides tutoring in chemistry by fellow students.  It is located in CW207 which is right next to the Student Lounge in CW.  Click here to see the schedule.


There is biology tutoring as well!  AH 114 is located near the East end of the biology floor.



Of course, our Math Center provides tutoring in math as well as physics.  The Math Center is located on the top floor of CW near the math classrooms and math faculty offices.


There is further tutoring in the LLC in the evenings – this is open to all students, not just dorm students.


News of the Moment 11/15

Dr. Ogilvie

Dr. Mary Ogilvie (center) with Dr. John Smarrelli Jr., President of CBU, and Maria Lensing, (’01, MSEM ’07) CBU Alumni Board President.

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ogilvie, Professor of Biology!  She received the Teaching Excellence Award at the Bell Tower Gala on November 14.  Dr. Ogilvie has taught in the biology department since 1991 and currently teaches Principles of Biology I and II, Biology Seminar, Immunology and Cell/Molecular Biology lecture and lab.

Dr. James Moore, Associate Professor of Biology, has a paper accepted for publication: Trout Fryxell RT, J.E. Moore, M.D. Collins, Y. Kwon, S. Jean-Philippe, S.M. Schaeffer, A. Odoi, M.L. Kennedy, A.E. Houston. ACCEPTED. Habitat and vegetation variables are not enough when predicting tick populations in the southeastern United States. PLOS One.

Dr. Ogilvie and some students cleaning up at McKellar Lake

Dr. Ogilvie and some students cleaning up at McKellar Lake

As part of the September of Service, approximately 25 Tri Beta people showed up. They picked up trash along McKellar Lake which is an area that is a spillway for the river when it gets high. At one time several years ago it was considered one of the most polluted areas of the country. Since then, events like McKellar Clean Up Day have tremendously decreased the amount of trash and debris in the area.

Student Members of the Society of Physics Students

Student Members of the Society of Physics Students (SPS)

As a welcome back after a well-deserved break, students and alumni from the Schools of Engineering and Sciences came together for food, fellowship, and professional networking at the 1st Annual STEM Alumni & Student Networking Cookout on November 4 at Nolan Field. It was hosted by the CBU student chapters of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Mathematical Association of America, Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Physics Students, Tau Beta Pi, and Theta Tau.

Students who participated in the Mock interview.

Students who participated in the Mock interview.

On October 8th, in the Cooper-Wilson student lounge, the Annual Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor’s Society Mock Interviews were held. This mock interview was open to all students to help them get an understanding of how it is to apply to graduate school and jobs.




Beta Beta Beta, the Biological Honors Society(Tri Beta), has implemented a tutoring system for the freshman and sophomore level courses offered at CBU. The reason Tri Beta has started offering tutoring is because we found that many of our students in the sciences were having problems comprehending the material presented to them and therefore we as an organization came together and decided to provide a service for our students to excel in the biological sciences. Tri Beta does a lot of charity and community service, but, until recently, has not been as focused on the educational aspect of being an honor society; therefore we felt that by offering tutoring to our students we would grow in that aspect. The Educations Chair of Tri Beta, Juan Mejia, along with co-Vice President, John Buttross, organized the ‘when, where, and how’ of the tutoring system as well as organized who the tutors would be based on professor approval and proficiency in the courses. The tutors are as follows: John Buttross, Juan Mejia, Miranda Anderson, Prakruthi Phaniraj, Saehymn Oh, Sagar Keriwala, Solomon Shoukouh-amiri.  The tutoring is taking place in the Tri-Beta/Pre-Health room in Assisi Hall, AH 114.  The schedule is below and is posted outside of the tutoring room.  With tests coming up as well as getting close to the end of the semester, this should be a resource you take full advantage of.  We hope you guys find this available tutoring useful and wish you the best of luck in your studies!

Schedule (as of 6 Nov 2015)
9:00-11:00 am MWF :  Juan and Sagar
2:00-3:30 pm MW:  Solomon
2:00-3:30 pm Fri: Miranda
3:30-4:30 pm Fri: John B.
12:30-2:30 pm Tues.: Saehymn
1:45-3:45 pm Thurs: Saehymn
5:00-7:00 pm Tues, Wed, Thurs: Juan

Students managing the Bowling for Uganda event.

Students managing the Bowling for Uganda event.

On Saturday, November 7, Beta Beta Beta, Honorary Biology Society, held its annual event, Bowling for Uganda, at Billy Hardwick’s Bowling Alley. The group successfully raised $1,200 for the Ishaka Health Plan, a public health initiative in Uganda. Individual winners were Nathan Sanford for Best Male Bowler and Meghan Hutton for Best Female Bowler. In team competition, first place winners were Team TKE (Connor Meeks, Trey Gillenwater, Clark Sawyers, Ben Kueter, and Jacob Knight). In second place, was Team Frisky Faculty consisting of: University President, Dr. John Smarelli, Ms. Kristina Smarelli, Dr. Serge Salan (Math/CS), Mr. Mark Kelly, and Dr. Jing Wang (Math). Third place winners belonged to Team MAA and included: Nathan Sanford, Luke Wade, Shannon Little, Olivia Koonce, and Ali Crisp. Thanks to those who organized the event, i.e., Clare Sauser, Natural Science 2018, Ben Kueter, Biochemistry 2018, and Katelyn Wilson, Biology 2018, and to all who participated.

ACS tee shirt

Dustin Higgins, Biomedical Science 2017, is shown wearing the official T-Shirt of the Undergraduate Program of the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting. The T-Shirt was designed by Jennie (Thuy-Anh) Phan, Biochemistry 2016. Dustin helped with many tasks at the meeting, including registration and the Chemistry College Bowl.

The Memphis Section of the American Chemical Society hosted the 71st Southwest and 67th Southeastern Combined Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (2015 SERMACS-SWRM) that was held in Memphis, Tennessee November 4-7, 2015.  Dr. Dennis Merat, CBU Associate Professor of Chemistry, was the General Chair for the meeting in overall charge of the planning and running of the meeting.  Over 1190 abstracts were submitted for paper and poster presentations with a meeting attendance of approximately 1,500 people.  The meeting included a number of workshops, symposia, and poster sessions, as well as an Undergraduate Program, a High School Teachers’ Program, and a variety of social events.  One of the highlights of the meeting was the Thursday night performance of Country –Rock music by Ben Bradford, CBU Biology alum, a rising country music star in Nashville.

Students helping at the ACS Regional meeting

Pictured from left to right are Jennie (Thuy-Anh) Phan, Biochemistry 2016 , Janice Nguyen, Biochemistry 2016, and Thomas Summers, Biochemistry 2016. All 3 helped with many tasks at the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting, including assisting with registration and placing signs in front of meeting rooms.

The CBU Student Members of the American Chemical Society (CBU SMACS) played an important role in the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting by hosting the Undergraduate Program.  The CBU SMACS club received a $2,600 grant from the Undergraduate Programming Office of the American Chemical Society for planning activities and helping to oversee the running of this program.  Undergraduate activities at the meeting included an Undergraduate Mixer and Dinner, CheMagic Show, a Demomania competition, and a College Chemistry Bowl.  The College Chemistry Bowl involved a series of matches with 2 teams of students competing with one another to answer questions from Physical, Organic, Biological, Inorganic, and Analytical Chemistry.  Thomas Summers, Biochemistry 2016, prepared all of the questions for the College Chemistry Bowl; and both he and Dustin Higgins, Biomedical Science 2017, ran all of the individual matches between rival SMACS clubs from Universities across the Southeast and Southwest.  A number of students from the CBU SMACS club also assisted with Registration and changing signs and numbers.  The following CBU students helped with registration and other tasks at the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting: Courtney Banks, Kiva Burt, Abraham (Hsuan-Hsin) Lin, Maribel Lopez Mata, Rhemrose Sabio, Devam Zalawadia, and Paula Zeballos.

CBU alums and additional chemistry faculty also participated in the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting.  Analice Sowell, Chemistry 2001 & MAT 2005, was the Chair of the High School Chemistry Teachers’ Program and of the Southern Chemist Award Committee.  Dr. John Young, Associate Professor of Chemistry, chaired a Biomolecular NMR Symposia.  Dr. William Peer and Dr. Anthony  Trimboli, Associate Professors of Chemistry, assisted with registration and judging of Undergraduate sessions.  CBU alums Christine Nguyen, Biochemistry 2014, Kevin Liao, Biochemistry 2014, and Parth Thakor assisted with a number of tasks, including registration.

Christian Lyons and Tiffany Rice presented posters at the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting.  The title of Christian’s poster was “Synthesis of Isoquinoline Derived Pentadentate Ligands”; coauthors on the poster included R. Mattapalli, K. Driskill, K. Knight, and X. Zhao.  The title of Tiffany’s poster was “Synthesis of Nitrogen-rich Ligands and Cobalt Complexes for Hydrogen Production”; coauthors on the poster included S.R. Powers, Y. Gueye, and X. Zhao.  Christian and Tiffany performed their research in the laboratory of Dr. Xuan Zhao in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Memphis.

On November 12, at the invitation of the Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS), Dr. William J. Busler, Professor Emeritus, CBU Department of Chemistry, gave the first of a two part guest lecture series on  THE MESSAGE OF STARLIGHT.  The title of his talk was “Without Spectroscopy, Astronomers Would Know Very Little About the Universe”.  Dr. Busler traced the history of astronomical spectroscopy and elucidated the principles upon which it is based.  Part 2 of the series will be on November 19 – see the Upcoming Events section of the newsletter.

Trivia Night Winners

Trivia Night Winners with the trophy.

The CBU Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter hosted the Fourth Annual Science Trivia Contest on Thursday, November 12.  Teams tried to come up with the correct answers to questions dealing with biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and other miscellaneous scientific topics.  The first place team, shown holding the coveted “Science Genius” trophy, consisted of Hunter Gore (University of Memphis), Jordan Meyer (Rhodes College), and Edo Draetta (Rhodes College).

Luke Wade and Ali Crisp, the 2nd place winners of the Trivia Contest.

Luke Wade and Ali Crisp, the 2nd place winners of the Trivia Contest.

The second place team consisted of Luke Wade and Ali Crisp (both from CBU).  It was a close contest that came down to the last question.  Congratulations to all the teams that competed!

On November 13, Beta Beta Beta had a behind the scenes tour of the Herpetarium at the Memphis Zoo.

JD Price, CBU Nursing Student, Dr. Florence Jones VP and Chief Nursing Officer of Methodist North Hospital and Laura Scott, CBU Nursing Student.

JD Price, CBU Nursing Student, Dr. Florence Jones VP and Chief Nursing Officer of Methodist North Hospital and Laura Scott, CBU Nursing Student.



Laura Scott was a recipient of the Tennessee Nurses Foundation Board – Edna Mason Memorial TNA Annual Conference Scholarship.  She earned a scholarship to attend the TNA Annual Meeting in October 2015.



News of the Moment 9/15

This year we welcome two new members to the Mathematics and Computer Science Department:  Dr. Serge Salan and Dr. Jing Wang.

Dr. Serge Salan

Dr. Serge Salan

Title:  Dr. Serge Salan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Courses taught:  In his first semester, Dr. Salan is teaching CS 234 Data Structures & CS 234L Data Structures Lab, MATH 103 Fundamentals of Algebra, and ALG 118 Introductory Algebra III.
Formal Education:  B.S., M.S., Universite’ Saint Joseph, Lebanon; M.S., Ph.D., University of Memphis.
Professional interests: Dr. Salan’s research interests lie in the robotics area of sensory-based motion planning. He is interested in algorithms that generate planning tasks for robots, using information from sensors. Applications of such algorithms include search-and-rescue, surveillance, and mapping.
Other interests: rock music, guitar, film, strategy gaming.

Dr. Jing Wang

Dr. Jing Wang

Title:  Dr. Jing Wang, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Courses taught:  In his first semester, Dr. Wang is teaching MATH 105 Finite Math and MATH 132 Calculus II.
Formal Education:  After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Science and Technology of China, he came to the United States for graduate study. He received a M.A. in 2012 and a Ph.D. in 2015, both in mathematics, from The George Washington University.
Professional Interests:  Besides teaching math, Dr. Wang also enjoys doing mathematical research on knot theory and low-dimensional topology.
Other Interests:  Photography and tennis are his two biggest hobbies. His ultimate dream is to travel the world!

Congratulations to faculty and students who were honored at the Academic Convocation on August 27:

Damini Patel winner of the Emerging Leader 2015 award.

Damini Patel: winner of the Emerging Leader 2015 award.

Damini Patel (Biochemistry 2017), was awarded The Emerging Leader of 2015.

Mrs. Cathy Grilli,  Professor of Mathematics, was the recipient of the Dr. Marguerite Cooper Distinguished Faculty Award, presented annually by the School of Sciences.

Dr. James Moore, Associate Professor of Biology, was awarded the Outstanding New Academic Advisor Award.

Dr. Raena King (far left) with the MathFest play group.

Dr. Raena King (far left on front row) with the Mathfest play group.

Mathfest is the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)’s annual math conference. This year was MAA’s centennial, and the conference was held in August in Washington, D.C.  Over 2,500 people attended. At Mathfest, Dr. Raena King, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, presented the Mathematics of FEZ in the Special Topics on Math in Video Games.

Trey and Becky (two on right) with winning teammates at Mathfest.

Trey and Becky (two on right) with winning teammates of the Estimathon contest at Mathfest.

Becky Wauford, Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering 2016, and Trey McGinnis, Mathematics, Computer
Science, and Electrical & Computer Engineering 2016, presented in the undergraduate research session. Becky’s talk was titled “Mathematical Modeling of a Zombie Apocalypse” and Trey’s talk was titled “Solving a Limitation of the Rook Problem.” Both Becky and Trey received travel funding from the MAA to attend the conference. Becky and Trey competed in the “Estimathon” which was a contest dealing with estimating large quantities. (Ex: If you ordered and ate ‘one of everything’ from the cheesecake factory menu, then how many calories would you consume?) The team of four that Becky and Trey were on won the contest. As part of the centennial celebration, Albert’s Bridge by Tom Stoppard was performed. Dr. King played the role of a bridge painter in the play alongside former presidents of the MAA and other well known figures in mathematics.

Dr. Fitzgerald with her Gold Award from ARVO.

Dr. Fitzgerald with her Gold Award from ARVO.

Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology, was awarded the Gold Fellow Award for the Associatioin for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO).  The Developing Countries Eye Research Fellowships is a program she has participated in for several years.  Investigators from developing countries apply for fellowships to attend ARVO.  They are provided with a mentor (Dr. Fitzgerald and others) who assist them around the meeting and introduce them to people.  She frequently has someone from Latin America because of her association with Brasil through the MHIRT program.

alpha chi 20152

George Gallarno (graduated 2015), Carly Geis, Morgan Granoski, Noah Kelly, Trey McGinnis, Chandler Martin, Breeana Nikaido, Adam Okolicany, Thuy-Anh Phan, Gabriel Quiroz, Katie Robinson and Rebecca Wauford.

The Alpha Chi Induction was held on Saturday, August 29, for the 2014-2015 year. The faculty sponsors are Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology, and Dr. Randal Price, Professor of Chemical Engineering.

Some of the members are pictured above.  Not pictured but additional members are: Alexis Blum, William Bottom (graduated in 2015), Chelsea Casaccia, Sheridan Cross, Tiffany Gardner (graduated in 2015), Jessica Love, Mikayla Ortner, Francis Sexton, Alexander Swims, Ben Tansey and Arash Zainaleanin.  The CBU chapter has won the Star Chapter award for the past five years!

Elected officers for Alpah Chi for 2015-16 are:  Chandler Martin (president), Breeana Nikaido (Vice President), and Katie Robinson (Secretary/Treasurer).
The first alpha chi meeting will be  September 15 in CW 118 at 12:30
For further information contact Dr. Malinda

MAA started out right - with ice cream at its first meeting!

MAA started out right – with ice cream at its first meeting!

All four science department student groups have been active at the beginning of this academic year:  Beta Beta Beta (BBB) in Biology, Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) in Chemistry, Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in Mathematics, and the Society of Physics Students (SPS) in Physics.  Below is some information about their activities so far.  On the Upcoming Events page is more info on what the groups have planned for this year.

Beta Beta Beta's 1st meeting

Beta Beta Beta’s 1st meeting of the academic year on Sept. 3.

Beta Beta Beta  is a national biology honor society for undergraduates.
“Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.”

Beta Beta Beta at the Club Fair on August 27.

Beta Beta Beta at the Club Fair on August 27.

The award winning CBU (Mu Tau) Chapter of Beta Beta Beta also serves as a Biology Club welcoming interested students to participate in a variety of social and career related activities.

Mu Tau Chapter Officers of Beta Beta Beta for 2015-16:
President:  Thomas Summers
Vice PresidentsJohn Buttross and Lauren Jeu
Secretary:  Nirali Patel
Treasurer: Damini Patel
Historians:  Kyle Fioranelli and Megan Huynh
Bowling: Ben Kueter, Clare Sauser, and Katelyn Wilson
Education: Juan Mejia 
Philanthropy:  Sydney Kermeen, Caroline Montague, and Saehymn Oh
Pre-Professional: Ruthi Phaniraj and Dev Zalawadia
Publicity: Sam Elkhayyat
Social:  Hozyer Saeed and Paula Zeballos
Special Events:  Heer Patel and Nuti Dasai
Volleyball: Olivia Evans, Parth Thakore, and Mariana Tonelli Ricci

Dr. Mary Ogilvie, Professor of Biology, is the faculty adviser for BBB.

TriBeta’s Facebook page

The Student Members of the American Chemical  Society (SMACS) is a professional student club affiliated with the American Chemical Society and the CBU Department of Chemistry.  It is open to anyone with an interest in Biochemistry and Chemistry; and dues are only $5 per semester.  The current officers for the 2015-2016 school year are: Thomas Summers (President), Ben Tansey (Vice-President), Heer Patel (Secretary), and Thuy-Anh (Jenny) Phan (Treasurer).  We will have elections for the remaining officer positions early in the school year.  The club advisor is Dr. Dennis Merat, Associate Professor of Chemistry.

SMACS President, Thomas Summers, at the Club Fair during the 2nd Orientation session this summer.

SMACS President, Thomas Summers, at the Club Fair during the 2nd Orientation session this summer.

The CBU SMACS club received a $2,600 grant from the American Chemical Society to help organize the Undergraduate Program at the 2015 SERMACS-SWRM meeting to be held in downtown Memphis, TN at the Cook Convention Center on November 4-7, 2015.  SERMACS stands for Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society and SWRM stands for Southwestern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.  This is a major regional meeting of the American Chemical Society that will bring together approximately 1500+ participants from across the Southeastern and Southwestern United States.

The CBU SMACS’ major activity to date for the 2015-2016 school year was participation in all three of the CBU Club Fairs held during the Freshman Orientation sessions this past summer.  Thomas Summers is shown in the picture standing in front of the SMACS table at the second Orientation Club Fair.

Math being done at the first MAA meeting (along with the ice cream).

Math being done at the first MAA meeting (along with the ice cream).

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) kicked off the school year with an ice cream social. Besides enjoying delicious ice cream sundaes, the MAA discussed what the club is all about and what events are planned for this school year. There was even a math fun fact or two! The turnout was great, and the group hopes to encourage even more math enthusiasts to come join them at their next event!

George Eason, officer of SPS, runs the first SPS meeting of the year.

George Eason, officer of SPS, runs the first SPS meeting of the year.

SPS is the Society of Physics Students! Anyone can join with an interest in physics regardless of one’s major. Their goal is to capture students in an awe-induced state due to the magnificence of Physics. The goals for SPS this year are particularly exciting as they have a plethora of events planned.  See the Upcoming Events section of this newsletter for planned events.   SPS is striving to get students interested in physics and hopes to enlighten them on the omnipotent force (the abstract force, not the Newton force) that is physics.

News of the Moment 4/15

Austyn I(left) and Daniel (right) working in Cypress Creek.

Austyn Harriman, Billy Simco, and Daniel Schenck working in Cypress Creek.

Lynda Miller, Science Lab Coordinator and Adjunct Biology Faculty Member, and CBU students Austyn Harriman, Ecology 2016, and Daniel Schenck, Ecology 2017, were among the authors in the following articleSampling and Assessment of the Habitat and Fish and Macroinvertebrate Communities at Cypress Creek, Shelby and Fayette County, Tennessee.   Submitted to: The State of Tennessee West Tennessee River Basin Authority.  Submitted by: Christian Brothers University, Prepared by:  Lynda Miller, Cheryl Goudie, Bill Simco, Austyn Harriman and Daniel Schenck.  ***

Tiffany Corkran, Chemistry 2015, has accepted an offer from Project Inspire Teacher Residency Program in Chattanooga, TN. This was her first choice in teacher preparation programs, and she’ll be starting June 1st. Here is some information about the program for other science and math students who may be interested in teaching:

Project Inspire selects residents to teach in underserved schools in Chattanooga, TN. They train their teachers based on the residency model, so for my first year I will be in the classroom with a Clinical Instructor ( a rock-star, veteran teacher) in the sciences. I will receive a $22,100 stipend during this year and will also be working toward my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with Tennessee Tech, tuition-free. After I complete this first year, I will have a TN Teaching License, and I have committed to teach in Hamilton County for 4 years. Project Inspire partners with the National Science Foundation, who will supplement my teaching salary with a $10,000 stipend for the 4 years I’m teaching in Chattanooga. 

Here are some further comments from Tiffany:
“There are some other great aspects of the program, and I’m really excited to get started! Here’s their website–they specialize in science and mathematics, so if anyone is interested for next year, they should look into it! 

“Thank you for your commitment to CBU and its students. You’ve shown true caring and understanding for the plight of a college student, and I have learned a lot about how to be an effective teacher from you. I will never forget my experiences as a science student at CBU, and I will pass on the love of learning to the next generations!”  ***

JD Wolfe, Biochemistry 2015, has been accepted to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine.  JD has also formally accepted a position in the United States Air Force Health Scholars Program and will be commissioned in the coming months as a Second Lieutenant.  ***

Lynda Miller, Science Lab Coordinator and Adjunct Biology Faculty Member, and Br. Thomas Sullivan, Campus Ministry and Adjunct Biology Faculty Member, had the following article published:  Preliminary Lichen Inventory of Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee.  Author(s): Lynda R. Miller and Thomas J. Sullivan.  Source: Evansia, 32(1):25-29.  Published By: The American Bryological and Lichenological Society, Inc.
DOI:  URL: .  ***

Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald with Johnnie Huddleston at the Alpha Chi convention.

Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald with Johnnie Huddleston at the Alpha Chi convention.

Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology and Alpha Chi faculty advisor, attended the National Alpha Chi Convention in Chicago in March with Johnnie Huddleston.  Johnnie graduated with her BFA from CBU while going part time and working in the business office.  She is interested in applying to Masters programs in digital media.  Johnnie presented a talk on “My Vision of Art” and placed on the alternate list for the national scholarship to graduate school from AX.  This is a very competitive scholarship and if anyone doesn’t accept she is next on the list.  Dr. Fitzgerald is serving as the president of Regional III for Alpha Chi and it has over 78 schools and is one of the largest regions.  ***

This piece on the Science Fair is from Wendy Sumner-Winter, Sr. Director of External Affairs and Advancement for CBU.  On Saturday, Feb. 28, students from high schools throughout the Memphis area gathered at Christian Brothers University (CBU) to participate in the Science Olympiad. This year’s Olympiad brought 118 students from five high schools to CBU’s campus to compete in 23 events that ranged from launching ping pong balls across a gymnasium using constructed catapults to written exams intended to test students’ knowledge of the sciences. Dr. Andrew Diener, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, has been organizing the event since 2007 and is quick to point out that this year saw the highest number of high school students participating in the Olympiad. “This year we had a record number of high school students, 118.”

The success of this year’s program is due in large part to the continued participation of teams from Arlington, White Station, and Collierville high schools, along with new participants from KIPP Collegiate and Southwind High School. Each event awarded three places to the top finishers; but in the end, White Station accumulated the greatest number of first place honors and won the overall competition. Arlington High School finished up in second. Both teams will advance to the statewide Olympiad competition, held in Knoxville later this spring.

For over 11 years CBU has hosted, organized, and supervised the Memphis Science Olympiad in an effort to “foster a sense of fun and enjoyment in the scientific field,” remarked Dr. Diener. “It’s an indication that science is not just dry and boring and hard work alone.” The Olympiad was held at University of Memphis until 2004, when it transferred ownership to CBU. Brother Dr. John Monzyk took over the program for the initial three years, until he relocated to Louisville in 2007. Since then, Dr. Diener has overseen the program every year.

The day’s events also represented a collaborative effort between CBU and neighboring colleges in an effort to encourage the continued participation in the sciences among high school students. While over 25 faculty, staff, and students from CBU helped plan and implement the Olympiad, faculty from LeMoyne-Owen College and the University of Memphis also joined their efforts to judge the events.  ***

Tri-Beta has sponsored two tours this semester: One was at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Monday, March 16,  2015. The second tour is at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center on Wednesday, April 15.  ***

On March 19 the Mu Tao chapter of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society gave a warm welcome to all the new full and associate members who were inducted. Several parents and other family members were also present to witness the induction, which was followed by refreshments and congratulatory banter and shenanigans.

Associate member inductees into Beta Beta Beta

Associate member inductees into Beta Beta Beta.
Image courtesy of Dr. Anna Ross.

The names of the new associate members are: Andrea Campos, Shamika Sharae Johnson, Eduardo Urbina, Devam Zalawadia, Maddie Belou, Marisa Wong, Kelsey Bell, Cailie Mokry, Hailey V. McKinney, Samiha Riyadh Elkhayyat, Christian Lyons, Jessica Fleming, Olivia Evans, Katelyn Wilson, Shantay Moemeke, Parth Thakore, Clare Sauser, Caroline Montague, Jacob Beaty, Elizabeth Virginia Parr, Courtney Alyssa Banks, Hozyer Saeed, Benjamin Kueter, Amber Burse, Joshulun M. C. Taylor, Asia Hubbard, Paula Zeballos, Saehymn Oh, Alexandria Blakemore, Sydney Kermeen, Krystal Lugo and Kiran Ashok

Inductees into full membership in Beta Beta Beta

Inductees into full membership in Beta Beta Beta.
Image courtesy of Dr. Anna Ross.

The Names of the newly inducted full members are: Leslie Hogan, Nuti Desai, Thuy-anh Phan, Heer Patel, Patrick Gurley, Austyn Harriman, Faiza Iman Qadir, Nirali Patel, John Butross Jr., Lauren Jeu, Juan Mejia, Saeram Oh, Megan Huynh, Damini Patrel, Toni Arnise Patrick, Jonah Rendon, Solomon Amiri, Teja Williams, Miranda Jai Anderson, Keyara Baltimore, Dustin Higgins, Thu Hien Vo, Kyle Fioranelli, Alma Lidia Godoy, Mariana Tonelli Ricci, Sagar Keriwala, John Richard Gillenwater III and Kyera Suggs.  ***

Human Anatomy & Physiology II students learning CPR.

Human Anatomy & Physiology II students learning CPR.
Image courtesy of Dr. Anna Ross.

The Biol 218 (Human A&P) students spent Monday evening, March 23, earning Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider CPR, AED, and First Aid (American Heart Association) certification under the expert instruction provided by CBU’s Physician Assistant Program.   ***

Steven and Megan, two of the winning team at the Science Trivia contest.

Steven and Megan, two of the winning team at the Science Trivia contest with the trophy.

Thursday, March 26, the CBU Chapter of the Society of Physics Students held its annual Science Trivia Night.  There were a total of 14 participants (2 alumni, 8 CBU, 2 Rhodes, and 2 UM), making up 4 teams.  1st Place: CBU alums and student: Rebekah Herrman, Math & Physics 2014, Steven Menezes, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering 2012, and Megan Mosier. Biology 2016.
2nd Place: The combined team of Rhodes and UM students.  ***

On Saturday, March 28, the CBU Chemistry Department and the Student Members of the American Chemical Society hosted the High School Chemistry competition.  Ten area high schools sent students to compete.  ***

Science Fair 2015

Science Fair 2015
Image courtesy of Dr. Dennis Merat.

On Tuesday, April 7, CBU hosted the high school section of the Memphis-Shelby County Science Fair.  Dr. Dennis Merat, Associate Professor of Chemistry, is the Director.  This year there were 24 projects.

On Thursday, April 9, CBU hosted the middle school section of the Memphis-Shelby County Science Fair.  There were about 250 projects involving about 300 students!  More information about the Science Fair will be presented in the fall in our next newsletter.  ***

Student volleyball team

Student volleyball team
Image courtesy of Dr. Anna Ross

On Thursday, April 9, we held our annual Student versus Faculty Volleyball game for charity.  In three close games, the Youth & Vitality (Students) beat the Old Age & Deceit (Faculty).  As of game time, over $300 was raised to benefit the Church Health Center.  For more info and photos, see the web page: .  ***

On Saturday, April 11, the 2015 Tennessee Academy of Sciences Collegiate Division, Western Regional Meeting was hosted by the University of Memphis.  Here are the CBU Best Paper Award Recipients:

Winners at the TAS meeting: On the left are: Andrew, Shannon, and Daniel.

Winners at the TAS meeting:
On the left are: Andrew, Shannon, and Daniel.
Image courtesy of Dr. Anna Ross.

Section 1: Shannon Brooke Joyce, CBU  2nd place award.  An examination of tight junction protein expression in human brain microvascular endothelial cells (hBMEC) in the presence of conditioned media from medulloblastoma subtypes.  Brooke Joyce*, Megan Jacus, Stacy Throm, and Clinton Stewart, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee (BJ), and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee (MJ, ST, CS).

Andrew Aristorenas, CBU  3rd place award [photo].  Diabetes attenuates metabolic oscillations regulated by circadian clock rhythms. Andrew Aristorenas* and Martin E. Young, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee, and University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama.

Daniel Schenck presenting at the TAS

Daniel Schenck presenting at the TAS.
Image courtesy of Dr. Anna Ross.

Section 2:   Daniel Schenck, CBU  1st place award  [photo]  Testing of Stream Health of the Loosahatchie River Using Macroinvertebrates. Daniel Schenck*, Cheryl Goudie, Lynda Miller. Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee (DS, LM) University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee (CG).

Photos and more at: .  ***

Winners of the Organic Haiku contest, set up by Dr. Stan Eisen, Professor of Biology

From Austyn Harriman, Ecology 2016:
Those electrophiles
In SN2 reactions…
Dirty sneak attack!

From Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, Professor of Biology:
Organic dreaming
carbon floating everywhere.
Such a nightmare

From Nuti Desai, Biochemistry 2016:
Is organic hard?
Let us just put it this way:
Help, I am diene!   ***