New Electron Spin Resonance Equipment for Physics Laboratory

physics_labPhysics majors Rachel Stephens (Physics ‘20) and Donal Newsome (Physics ‘20) show off some new equipment for an electron spin resonance experiment that they will perform when they take their Advanced Physics Laboratory (PHYS 452) course next year.  Dr. John Varriano (Chair and Professor of Physics) was awarded an equipment grant from the Johnathon F. Reichert Foundation to aid in the purchase of the equipment.  Dr. Varriano received training for the experiment at an immersion workshop that he attended at the University of Chicago in July 2018.  The workshop was sponsored by the Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA), an organization devoted to helping faculty and staff who are involved in advanced physics laboratory instruction.  The Reichert Foundation offers equipment grants to ALPhA workshop attendees to help physics departments upgrade their advanced lab courses.  The remaining cost of the equipment was covered by funds donated to the School of Sciences general fund by our generous donors.