Biology Lab Upgrades

STAN_1_smaller STAN_2_smallerThis summer, thanks to the generosity of our School of Sciences donors, we were able to purchase a little over $8,500 in hardware upgrades for three high quality centrifuges to be used in our biology labs. In the natural and health sciences, centrifuges are used for isolating and separating suspensions and immiscible liquids. We now have three working high quality centrifuges that will be used for laboratory classroom instruction as well as student and faculty research in the sciences.

Featured in the top photo:
Dr. Stanley Eisen, Biology Professor and Director of Pre-Professional Health Programs and CBU student Patricia Brownsberger (Biomedical Science ’18). Patricia’s lab coat is covered with illustrations of parasites that were featured in a book created by the students in a Parasitology class. The student’s named the book Don’t Get Sick, Stan!