Featured Alum: Mohammad Khoshnevisan, Ph.D., Mathematics, 1992

First we give information about Dr. Khoshnevisan, then we give his remembrances of his time at CBU.

Dr. Mohammad Khoshnevisan has completed his B.A in Mathematics from Christian Brothers University. Dr Khoshnevisan has obtained his Ph.D from the Department of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr Mohammad Khoshnevisan is one of the world leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Control Systems and he has applied this field in Financial Engineering and Medical Engineering and he has taught in Australia and he has been invited as visiting Scholar at Harvard University and University of California-Berkeley. Dr Khoshnevisan has published over 30 papers and 3 books in the United States and in international Journals mainly dealing with the Applications of Fuzzy Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Dr Mohammad Khoshnevisan research work in the Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Missile Guidance Technology in cancer detection has been reported by Australian IT / The Australian on November 29 2005 and it is cited by the The AI ALERT semimonthly of The American Association for Artificial Intelligence. Dr Khoshnevisan also has been a research associate with Massachusetts Institute of Technology-ISG and Professor Florentine Smarandache at the University of New Mexico-USA and he has reviewed many articles and he has acted as an examiner for Ph.D theses in Australia and overseas.

I was at CBU around 1989-1992. I remember most of my Professors and I can say:

  1. Professor Miller’s lectures were so fun and she was teasing us and she was saying in the class that she did not study Mathematics because the answers were on back on the book.
  2. Professor Limper’s classes were so challenging and I loved his style of lecturing and I used to hold discussions with him outside our class. One thing that I always remember is the fact that the sudden death of my sister made things very difficult for me. Professor Limper, Professor Yunushka, Professor Becker and Professor Vanderhaar were very helpful and they assisted me during the tough period.
  3. I wrote a paper in differential topology in my junior year and I approached Br. Joel Baumeyer and he greatly assisted me in shaping up my paper and I presented my paper at UCLA. I used to go to Br. Joel Baumeyer’s place of residence which was located on campus at the time and he always provided ne with guidance and support.
  4. I also learned great stuff in complex analysis and real analysis from Professor Becker.
  5. I sincerely appreciate CBU for providing such a great education and atmosphere for me to study. CBU had small sizes classes and I could interact with Professors very easily.

In conclusion, I love those who taught me at CBU and I wish them all the best.