Shortcut to Creating a Link

Did you know there is a shortcut that you can use to create or edit options for a link in Canvas?  By highlighting text and pressing Ctrl + K on your keyboard (Cmd + K for Mac users), you can create or edit a link in Canvas anywhere the Rich Text Editor is used.

The options include:

  • URL – Place the web address to the page or resource you want to access by clicking the link.
  • Text to display – Indicate what words will be presented as the link.
  • Title – Information placed in this field will be presented when the mouse cursor is over the link.
  • Target – ‘None’ or ‘New Window’ – Should the link open in the same tab or in a new one?

Here is a quick 50 second video on using the Ctrl-K shortcut.

Tyler Isbell is an Instructional Designer & Trainer with OLET.

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