Scheduler Tool and Appointment Groups

With the Scheduler tool in Canvas, students (or groups of students) can sign up to meet with you during your office hours, reserve a time slot for advising, or pick a time to present their project – all from their own Canvas calendar.

For information on how to create appointment groups, view this short video created with Canvas Studio.

Step by step instructions and links to related Canvas guides are located below.

  1. First, select ‘Calendar’ on the Global Navigation Menu.
  2. Next, press the ‘+’ Button.  It is located on the far right next to ‘Agenda’
  3. On the ‘Edit Event’ window, select ‘Appointment Group’
  4. Use the next window to name and set the details of your appointment group:
    1. Name – The name of your appointments, such as office hours or advising.
    2. Location – Include the building and room number OR instructions on where to find instructions for a virtual meeting.
    3. Select Calendar – Which courses/sections may make appointments in this group?
      1. The top level of the list are course calendars.
      2. The next level (the dropdown) are sections in a course.
      3. Note: The calendar cannot be modified once the appointment group is saved. However, additional calendars can be added to the original appointment group.
    4. Have Students Sign up in Groups – If groups are created in the course, you may groups of students to make appointments.  Only one student from the group will need to reserve the slot.
    5. Date & Time Range – What day and time range will the appointments be made?
    6. Divide into equal slots of ___ minutes – Canvas will automatically divide up the time range according to how many minutes each meeting should be.
    7. GO – Review the created appointment slots.  You may make manual adjustments to individual slots if needed.
    8. Options
      1. Limit each time slot to ___ users – How many students can sign up for a single slot?
      2. Allow students to see who has signed up – Are the names of who reserved the slot is publish or private information?
      3. Limit participants to attend ___ appointments – Are students allowed to make multiple appointments from this appointment group or is there a limit?
  5. Publish – Done!

View the appointment dates and times in your course calendar. Time slots that have been reserved by students will show as a solid color.

Students can view available slots and set appointments by going to their ‘Calendar’ button on the global menu.  Next, they will use the ‘Find Appointment’ button and select the appropriate course.  For more information and detailed instructions, use the provided link to the Canvas Guide for students.

Canvas Guides:

For Instructors – How do I add a Scheduler appointment group in a course calendar?

For Students – How do I sign up for a Scheduler appointment in the Calendar?

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