Moderating a Canvas Quiz

How can I (the instructor) offer an online student with accommodations more time and/or extra attempts to complete their Canvas quiz?

Canvas allows instructors to provide individual students (or groups of students) more time or additional attempts to complete an online quiz. These essential features can easily be accessed by using the ‘Quizzes’ link in the course (white) navigation menu.

moderate quizOnce on the ‘Quizzes’ page, verify that the quiz you will be moderating has been published – Look for the green check mark to the right of the quiz name. Click the quiz name to access the quiz details page.  On the quiz details page, the link to moderate the quiz will be located under ‘Related Items’ on the right side of the screen.

Screenshot 2019-10-24 12.55.25


The ‘Moderate Quiz’ page contains a table of all students that have the quiz assigned to them.

moderate quiz 2

The Moderate Quiz page displays the following information:

  • Student name [1]
  • Number of times the student has already attempted to take this quiz [2]
  • Quiz time—completed attempts show the time it took for the student to complete the quiz; running time shows the remaining time the student has to complete the quiz [3]
  • Number of remaining attempts, if any [4]
  • Quiz score—for multiple submissions, the score is the most recent attempt [5]

To refresh the page and make sure all column statistics are current, click the refresh icon [6].

Use the Edit icon (pencil, right of table) to access the ‘Student Extensions’ window for an individual student OR use the check box to select multiple students and click the link at the bottom of the table to access the ‘Student Extensions’ window.

Moderate Quiz 3

From the ‘Student Extensions’ window, you may give students extra attempts and manually unlock quiz attempts. Depending on the quiz settings, you can also give extra time for timed quizzes and let students see quiz results one more time.

Moderate Quiz 4









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