Spring Prep Checklist

Screenshot 2019-12-16 11.41.59The Spring 2020 semester is quickly approaching, so if you intend to use your course Canvas shell, now is the time to create or modify your course. Every CBU class comes with a Canvas shell. Whether you are teaching fully online, hybrid or a traditional course — your digital course space is there for you!

Consider this Spring Prep Check List to make sure your Canvas classroom is ready to receive students:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated your online classroom for the new term. Import what needs to be there. Our Instructional Design team created this short video to show you exactly how to import your content! Clean up what doesn’t need to be present. The new term begins on January 4th and tidying up your online classroom while the students are in it can be confusing for all involved!
  2. Publish your course. Make sure you publish the contents of each module, as well as each module. A green circle with a checkmark in it means it is published and visible to the students. If you don’t want students working ahead, you can limit access by controlling the dates of accessibility. Always check the “Student View” by choosing that perspective in the upper right side menu. If you can’t see it in Student View, then it’s not been published.
  3. If you run into a problem creating a quiz or discussion, check out our helpful Canvas Job Aids. They are all available here by description.
  4. If you’re teaching a fully online or hybrid course, include this Canvas Student Orientation course in your class. This 30-minute tutorial will make the transition to using Canvas easier for your students. Consider making it a graded assignment to encourage participation. Here is the link: https://cbu.instructure.com/courses/4870
  5. Plan to expand your use of Canvas, our LMS. You may have just used it as a repository for lecture notes or as a means of giving a quiz in your on-campus class. Did you know that you can use Canvas to take attendance? It’s really easy. Give it a shot. Learn something new. Try the gradebook. Click this video to learn how to create a screen capture video for your course!
  6. If you’re teaching a fully online or hybrid course, run it by our Online Course Checklist. It will help ensure that all the elements are in place to make your course is easily navigable and prepared for students.

Although our office is closed during the break, Canvas Support is available – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call Canvas Support at (901) 318-3024 to speak with a knowledgable, helpful person or chat with a representative by clicking on the Help button in the main sidebar menu inside Canvas. They’ll even send you a transcript of your conversation for reference! Our Instructional Design team returns to campus on January 2nd and will be refreshed and ready to assist you – OLET@cbu.edu or (901) 321-4004.

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