Spring 2017 Faculty News

Dr. Andrew Assadollahi passed the 8 hour long Principles and Practice of Engineering (P.E.) Exam. Dr. Assadollahi is a native Memphian and a 2005 graduate of Christian Brothers High School. Dr. Assadollahi earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structural engineering from Christian Brothers University in 2009. He also earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Christian Brothers University in 2009, concentrating in applied differential equations. He earned a M.S. in Civil Engineering from The University of Memphis in 2010 with a concentration in structural seismic engineering. Dr. Assadollahi completed his Ph.D. in Engineering from The University of Memphis with a concentration in geo-structures in 2013.

Dr. Andrew Andrew Assadollahi (2nd from left) with his TN PE certificate. Congratulations!

Dr. Andrew Andrew Assadollahi (2nd from left) with his TN PE certificate. Congratulations!

Dr. Assadollahi has been a faculty member in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at CBU since Spring 2014. Dr. Assadollahi regularly teaches courses in Introduction to Civil Engineering, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Analysis, Soil Mechanics, and Design of Foundations. He has also taught courses in Statics, Design of Steel Structures, Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, and Advanced Structural Engineering. Dr. Assadollahi is active in both structural and geotechnical engineering research. Currently he is working with his undergraduate research group on projects involving mathematical optimization of geo-structures, structural dynamics, effects of crumb rubber on soil properties, biological effects of crumb rubber on plant life, and chemical stabilization of soils.

17883796_1289361524446916_1712262035942480294_nDr. Andrew Assadollahi, P.E. presented his recent publication entitled “Effects of Crumb Rubber on Concrete Properties when Used as an Aggregate in Concrete Mix Design” at the annual Structures Congress Conference, held in Denver, CO this April. Dr. Assadollahi co-authored this paper with Civil Engineering Junior Christie Moore. Structures Congress is the largest annual Structural Engineering Conference in the world, hosting several thousand structural engineering researchers and professionals.

17498853_1272317149484687_6411435889089863588_nDr. Assadollahi also presented his publication entitled “Minimization of Cost and CO2 Emissions for Strip Footings under Dynamic Loading Using a Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm” at the Geotechnical Frontiers Conference, held in Orlando, FL this March. Geotechnical Frontiers is the largest annual Geo-Congress in the world, hosting over 2,400 geotechnical engineering and geology researchers and professionals. Dr. Assadollahi was also invited to serve on the Student Programs Committee for the Geo-Institute for his work with undergraduate student research and activities. For more details on Dr. Assadollahi’s work at CBU, visit his website at http://facstaff.cbu.edu/~aassadol/ .

Dr. Louie Lin (CE) received an $8,800 water modeling software grant from CHI University Grant Program. Dr. Lin also gave a seminar on “901X – New Technology To Combat The Global Water Crisis” on April 27th. 



Dr. Paul Shiue (ME Department Chair) was recognized as the 2017 CBU Featured Engineer. The award was presented at the Engineers Week Luncheon on February 22, 2017, by Memphis Joint Engineers Council.