2017 ASCE Deep South Conference

The CBU ASCE students placed first in the Surveying Competition and first in the Water Filtration Competition in the Deep South Conference this March. The Steel Bridge team placed third overall, placing second in the construction speed sub-category, second in the economy sub-category, and third place in the display sub-category. The Steel Bridge Team has also qualified to compete in the National Steel Bridge Competition!!!

The Surveying Team was comprised of Jacob Axton (Freshman), Chase Kesner (Sophomore), and Austin Feathers (Junior, Captain). The Water Filtration Team was comprised of Sophia Roth (Freshman), Layne Harris (Sophomore), Orlando Femat (Junior), Ana Rodriguez Vizcaino (Junior), and Jodie Crocker (Junior, Captain). The Steel Bridge Team was comprised of Viktor Hoesto (Freshman), Melvin Portillo (Freshman), Ashley Martinez (Freshman), Max Gomez-Pedro (Sophomore), Jessica Allen (Sophomore), Reggie Raney (Senior), and Christie Moore (Junior, Captain). Thanks to all sponsors and faculty that helped. Also, a special thanks to Dr. Andrew Assadollahi, the ASCE student chapter Faculty Advisor.

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