Four Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job…And What To Do About It

icon_badinterviewFrom Early Careerist (1/23/2013)

You kicked BUTT at the interview (or so you thought!) and were CERTAIN you’d get the job…but surprisingly, you DIDN’T!? So what happened?? It’s easy to feel bad or get upset, or take it personally…but DON’T!  Various reasons at hand could have been the deciding factors, and they might not have even been in your control.

Hiring Managers and Recruiters/HR Professionals are usually under a lot of pressure to consider MANY candidates within a rather small time period, ensuring that the chosen candidate is the person who is unquestionably THE best FIT for the job, who brings the most potential for results, and whom is the company’s best value in their investment (i.e. the Hiree will stick around for a while and not ‘jump ship’). And this FIT can be one of several “dimensions”.  Specifically, it is usually one of these FOUR:  Read the full article from…